English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Concentrate" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2395943	Concentrate, Tom.	CK	1
2111747	I'm concentrating.	CK	1
2007834	Let's concentrate.	CK	1
2245984	I must concentrate.	CK	1
2253807	Try to concentrate.	CK	1
2237396	Tom must concentrate.	CK	1
2387587	I need to concentrate.	CK	1
2239757	Tom was concentrating.	CK	1
2236949	Tom isn't concentrating.	CK	1
2956359	Tom couldn't concentrate.	CK	1
2239884	Tom wasn't concentrating.	CK	1
2280351	I'm trying to concentrate.	CK	1
2544461	You've got to concentrate.	CK	1
2953696	We must concentrate on that.	CK	1
3161910	I have trouble concentrating.	Marissa	1
1026648	Tom concentrated on his work.	CK	1
3158425	I have problems concentrating.	brad	1
2276381	Tom seems to be concentrating.	CK	1
2400191	Tom is concentrating, isn't he?	CK	1
2400226	Tom isn't concentrating, is he?	CK	1
2540934	I'm having trouble concentrating.	CK	1
1095143	Tom couldn't concentrate on his work.	CK	1
2400158	Tom doesn't seem to be concentrating.	CK	1
2488816	It's hard for me to concentrate today.	sharptoothed	1
1025260	Tom has trouble concentrating on one thing.	CK	1
20406	Turn off the television. I can't concentrate.	CK	1
2400101	Tom always seems to be concentrating on something.	CK	1
27858	You should concentrate on one thing and learn to do it well.	CK	1
843936	He concentrated on that.	J_S
1663814	How can you concentrate?	Spamster
2644794	Tom tried to concentrate.	CK
2954553	You have to concentrate more.	CK
497735	You only need to concentrate.	boracasli
310083	She concentrated on one thing.	CK
2956855	Tom had trouble concentrating.	CK
2958664	Tom was unable to concentrate.	CK
303575	He concentrated on his studies.	CM
266457	I have difficulty concentrating.	CK
275791	All you have to do is to concentrate.	CK
286030	I concentrated on what he was saying.	CK
1096431	I'm having a hard time concentrating.	CK
2007282	Let's concentrate on the job at hand.	CK
2956299	Tom closed his eyes and concentrated.	CK
2958378	Tom tried to concentrate on his work.	CK
402506	He tried to concentrate on the letter.	CK
1951422	I can't concentrate while you're here.	CK
257254	I concentrated my effort on the study.	CK
2539036	You'll have to concentrate a bit more.	CK
2957075	Tom is concentrating on the chess game.	CK
2958081	Tom seemed to be unable to concentrate.	CK