English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Compromise" in Example Sentences
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2007865	Let's compromise.	CK	1
2548188	It was a compromise.	CK	1
2646796	We had to compromise.	CK	1
1951419	We can't compromise on this.	CK	1
2014360	Tom doesn't want to compromise.	CK	1
400281	We tried to compromise with them.	CK	1
22829	We have no choice but to compromise.	CK	1
1092964	Tom seems to be unwilling to compromise.	CK	1
1095180	Tom could tell that it would be impossible to reach a compromise with Mary.	CK	1
806877	A compromise was reached.	Source_VOA
22828	We arrived at a compromise.	Eldad
806990	The compromise was accepted.	Source_VOA
803018	He would accept no compromise.	Source_VOA
1450641	My father finally compromised.	CK
39840	Finally, my father compromised.	CM
1559803	Finally we reached a compromise.	CM
1127874	Relationships involve compromise.	nadsat
57754	I had to compromise on this point.	CK
802346	In 1997 they reached a compromise.	Source_VOA
807204	Was the Missouri Compromise legal?	Source_VOA
254591	I compromised with her on the point.	CK
275205	It's against my rules to compromise.	CK
2712790	You have to learn how to compromise.	CK
2712789	You need to learn how to compromise.	CK
284404	I compromised with him on the matter.	CK
807300	The Congress accepted the compromise.	Source_VOA
805388	Many leaders supported the compromise.	Source_VOA
804030	President Cleveland had to compromise.	Source_VOA
807359	Lord Ashburton accepted the compromise.	Source_VOA
1540698	The building's structure is compromised.	erikspen
807406	Federal negotiators reached a compromise.	Source_VOA
803210	He had refused to compromise on the issue.	Source_VOA
400282	We tried to come to a compromise with them.	CK
1847018	I hope they can reach a peaceful compromise.	Chrikaru
807539	The two sides finally agreed on a compromise.	Source_VOA
246153	The mayor will compromise to a certain extent.	CK
807585	Delegates debated the compromise for many days.	Source_VOA
275206	There seems to be no possibility of compromise.	CK
2953739	We never seem to be able to compromise on anything.	CK
3109413	I've asked them if they would consider a compromise.	CK
1540705	The structural integrity of the building is compromised.	erikspen
307576	They are negotiating to reach a satisfactory compromise.	CK
246154	The mayor compromised on the subject to a certain extent.	CM
277029	The governor compromised on the subject to a certain degree.	CM
40723	A watered down compromise resolution is better than none at all.	CK
47933	The agreement was a product of compromise between the two governments.	CM
327253	It is essential that some kind of compromise be reached between Pyongyang and Washington.	CK