English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Complicate" in Example Sentences
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1894590	It's complicated.	CK	1
2249244	It's so complicated.	CK	1
2249115	It's not complicated.	CK	1
2249316	It's too complicated.	CK	1
2249353	It's very complicated.	CK	1
2891435	Is that so complicated?	CK	1
2249758	People are complicated.	CK	1
2233749	This isn't complicated.	CK	1
2396228	It could get complicated.	CK	1
1894570	It's not that complicated.	CK	1
2871605	It's complicated, isn't it?	CK	1
2644098	It's complicated, you know.	CK	1
990384	Grammar is very complicated.	Brian255	1
3142798	It's a complicated question.	CK	1
3142735	That's a complicated question.	CK	1
2892732	When did it get so complicated?	CK	1
2396045	Everybody's life is complicated.	CK	1
2540932	I'm just saying it's complicated.	CK	1
2540688	I thought it might be complicated.	CK	1
2663186	It's a fairly complicated problem.	CK	1
2663177	That's a very complicated problem.	CK	1
934423	Tom's explanation was too complicated.	LittleBoy	1
2740307	Love is complicated.	Hybrid
1745551	Life is so complicated.	belgavox
3257967	It's a complicated matter.	Guybrush88
2892188	This is all so complicated.	CK
2265833	Don't complicate the matter.	_undertoad
285544	His lie complicated matters.	CM
2986043	Things got very complicated.	CK
2892193	This is getting complicated.	CK
1532854	The situation is complicated.	Spamster
1991927	Why are girls so complicated?	Spamster
3142812	It was a complicated question.	CK
1968925	It was a very complicated world.	Guybrush88
1654273	It's more complicated than that.	Spamster
1032750	Let us complicate things further.	riccioberto
1627266	It's a bit too complicated for me.	Spamster
42057	That will complicate matters more.	CM
2986044	Things got incredibly complicated.	CK
285967	His being absent complicates matters.	CM
2610727	It's a little more complicated than that.	MethodGT
17924	Your refusal to help complicated matters.	al_ex_an_der
681408	The factory uses many complicated machines.	Source_VOA
3195848	We were dealing with very complicated issues.	carlosalberto
50271	That made the problem all the more complicated.	CM
1579046	Women feel that men are often very complicated.	sam_m
2662675	The problem's a little more complicated than that.	CK
2955807	Tom and Mary have a very complicated relationship.	CK
269260	Don't complicate the problem by raising new issues.	CM
1894581	It's more complicated than you seem to think it is.	CK