English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Complex" in Example Sentences
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2187201	It's complex.	CK	1
2202667	Tom is complex.	CK	1
2202668	You're complex.	CK	1
433853	How complex is it?	CK	1
2251292	That's too complex.	CK	1
2663554	It's a complex problem.	CK	1
1093703	Tom has an inferiority complex.	CK	1
680553	Tom's explanation was too complex.	Source_VOA	1
1848899	It's insanely complex.	Spamster
1548581	He has a weight complex.	trieuho
1053423	He has a superiority complex.	mookeee
680555	Chemistry can be very complex.	Source_VOA
284942	He has an inferiority complex.	CK
2663342	That's a very complex problem.	CK
1329500	Computers are complex machines.	alexmarcelo
67095	That is a very complex machine.	CK
54545	A computer is a complex machine.	CM
401607	Grammar is a very complex thing.	FeuDRenais
242609	Life today is fast-moving and complex.	CK
1815734	History is more complex than you think.	Spamster
56446	This story is too complex for children.	CK
45813	The explanation may be much more complex.	CK
680554	A computer's electronics are very complex.	Source_VOA
924152	That kanji is so complex, I can't read it.	Scott
709090	The poem's rhyme scheme is highly complex.	darinmex
682215	Trade between two countries can be complex.	Source_VOA
290366	Sports cured him of his inferiority complex.	CM
1490750	The question is perhaps too complex for you.	niceguydave
17504	What seems simple to you seems complex to me.	darinmex
319863	Do you know anything about complex carbohydrates?	CK
291259	He came up with a terrific solution to the complex problem.	CK
1515	Their communication may be much more complex than we thought.	Zifre
46730	The language of that tribe is as complex as any other human language.	jakov
62344	This complex situation arose because signals from the environment itself can be inadequate.	Zifre
66508	The Japanese distribution system, characterized by layers of wholesale, is complex and costly.	CM