English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Competition" in Example Sentences
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1474827	Tom won the competition.	Spamster	1
2243714	They're your competition.	CK	1
1094202	Tom dropped out of the competition.	CK	1
1094956	Tom decided to enter the competition.	CK	1
681794	Tom won a prize in the spelling competition.	Source_VOA	1
1777453	Competition is good.	Spamster
2571382	It's not a competition.	Hybrid
435046	He won many competitions.	lukaszpp
776156	She won many competitions.	BraveSentry
370555	The competition is fierce.	saeb
776162	They won many competitions.	BraveSentry
807077	There would be no competition.	Source_VOA
19275	Competition is not bad in itself.	al_ex_an_der
19269	Competition is not by nature evil.	al_ex_an_der
19270	The competition has become fierce.	CK
2877890	Are you worried about the competition?	CK
3324537	Tom won the thumb-wrestling competition.	Hybrid
471374	He was disqualified from the competition.	FeuDRenais
2268716	There's a lot of competition in business.	_undertoad
2721668	I won a prize in the spelling competition.	Amastan
434884	He got a prize for winning the competition.	lukaszpp
23080	We face competition from foreign suppliers.	CK
948424	We should probably postpone the competition.	spockofvulcan
33443	Competition for the position is very intense.	CM
1135561	Luck has been on my side in this competition.	CM
681901	Mary represented her team in the competition.	Source_VOA
471377	He would like to take part in the competition.	FeuDRenais
19274	Competition is neither good nor evil in itself.	al_ex_an_der
68191	That new company could flatten the competition.	CM
1549432	Four years from now, you'll have no competition.	charlotte13
23284	We are in a fierce competition with that company.	CK
2639936	Tom is planning on entering the competition, right?	CK
2594008	Tom won the International Chopin Piano Competition.	WestofEden
2599993	You're going to come up against fierce competition.	sharptoothed
1170844	The Japanese team won the gold medal for this competition.	mickey86
615412	This new Macintosh computer puts the competition to shame.	darinmex
2742225	Today's competition should separate the men from the boys.	CK
3062212	Tom has a closet full of trophies that he won at competitions.	Hybrid
18874	Fair competition is necessary for the healthy growth of industry.	ilingualbay
603588	Harry had to back out of the competition because of a broken arm.	darinmex
251945	My daughter, Kate, won a singing competition and I'm proud of her.	CK
1003954	The contestants are gearing up for the final round of competition.	darinmex
1522782	The results of the competition will be announced in a few moments.	erikspen
1215607	He entered the national high school boxing championship competition.	Scott
263510	Winning the competition is important. However, fair play is more important. You need to understand that winning is not the most important thing.	CK