English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Commercial" in Example Sentences
Page 1

252926	I love that commercial.	CK	1
1095307	Tom changes channels during commercials.	CK	1
898541	I would never feed my dog commercial dog food.	CK	1
2359093	I've been flying commercial jets for 13 years.	CK	1
898551	My vet won't feed his dog commercial dog food.	CK	1
1624887	Did you see the new commercial?	marcelostockle
906734	What's your favorite commercial?	CK
906921	What's your favorite TV commercial?	CK
3312244	We'll be back after this commercial.	CK
1617608	There are too many commercials on TV.	Shishir
3312243	We'll be back right after this commercial.	CK
290181	He deals with the commercials of the supermarket.	CM
805490	The United States had no commercial treaty with Britain.	Source_VOA
322684	A commercial airplane allegedly violated military airspace.	CM
267040	Crashes in the early days of commercial jets tended to be caused by technical faults, such as metal fatigue in the airframe or engines.	CM