English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Comment" in Example Sentences
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2358677	I have a comment.	CK	1
673768	I have no comment.	darinmex	1
2647957	Tom had no comment.	CK	1
2548508	We have no comment.	CK	1
1093223	Tom made no comment.	CK	1
2240252	Tom wouldn't comment.	CK	1
2360115	I have no comment yet.	CK	1
2951653	Do you have any comment?	CK	1
388349	There are no comments yet.	CK	1
2360114	I have no comment at this time.	CK	1
2953647	We have no comment at this time.	CK	1
285761	Few people understood his comment.	CK	1
2488834	Tom always comments on my clothes.	sharptoothed	1
1095283	Tom chose to ignore Mary's comment.	CK	1
2869250	Tom was surprised by Mary's comment.	CK	1
3142918	Do you have any questions or comments?	CK	1
1094924	Tom declined to comment on the matter.	CK	1
36777	Any comments will be gratefully appreciated.	CK	1
1027044	Tom avoided making any comment on the matter.	CK	1
1038964	Adding comments makes reading the code easier.	CK	1
388346	If you find a mistake, please leave a comment.	CK	1
953388	I can't figure out how to post a comment to this blog.	CK	1
873323	No comment.	U2FS
2578513	I can't comment.	Guybrush88
1773661	He declined to comment.	Spamster
3094334	Tom declined to comment.	CK
1131483	Any comments are welcome.	perry
3123354	Would you care to comment?	CK
2267627	One should not make comments.	_undertoad
682495	I was wounded by her comments.	Source_VOA
2956919	Tom has no comment at this time.	CK
1948724	Feel free to leave comments below.	al_ex_an_der
59488	Can I hear your comments about this?	CM
285529	His nasty comments fueled the argument.	CM
2890274	Tom's comments are always to the point.	sharptoothed
69696	All you have to do is to make a comment.	CM
287381	His comment was concise and to the point.	CM
43957	His comments about the book were favorable.	CK
2436055	Your comment is not relevant to the matter.	AlanF_US
56052	Feel free to comment on any point made here.	CM
813090	Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.	papabear
681610	The speaker's comments were highly offensive.	Source_VOA
1036566	Adding comments makes the code easier to read.	sysko
320965	I look forward to your comments on the report.	CK
273044	The teacher put a short comment on each paper.	Eldad
311424	She made a few vague comments about the matter.	CM
1038962	Adding comments makes it easier to read the code.	CK
327530	At this point, I'm unable to comment on that problem.	CM
295693	He commented that the economy was likely to get better.	CK
296864	He wrote his comments in the margin of the composition.	Dejo