English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Colony" in Example Sentences
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804373	Five colonists were killed.	Source_VOA
2267491	Jamaica's an English colony.	_undertoad
1365162	Brazil was a Portuguese colony.	Eldad
1365164	Brazil was a colony of Portugal.	Eldad
1566551	This colony was founded in 1700.	corvard
46158	The colony declared independence.	Nero
66598	Britain established many colonies.	CM
26146	England established many colonies.	NekoKanjya
62580	Kenya used to be a British colony.	CK
52458	Zimbabwe was once a colony of Britain.	Nero
273326	After the war, Britain had many colonies.	CM
36558	At one time Nigeria was a British colony.	U2FS
46702	He dates the custom from the colonial days.	CM
34181	France used to have many colonies in Africa.	CK
66580	The English established colonies in America.	CK
1502926	Some say that China was like a Russian colony.	nonong
807592	King George took control of the colony in 1752.	Source_VOA
22050	The colonists bartered with the natives for fur.	NekoKanjya
46159	The colony has not declared independence as yet.	CM
807635	The other colonies began sending troops to help.	Source_VOA
66581	The English established colonies in America in 1609.	CK
46157	The colony declared independence and become a republic.	CK
2268128	The first American colonists arrived in the 17th century.	_undertoad
271064	Years later, Europeans established colonies in the coastal areas.	CM