English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Collect" in Example Sentences
Page 1

525899	I collect postcards.	darooo	1
1876111	Tom collects comics.	Spamster	1
2956307	Tom collects stamps.	CK	1
681841	I collect rare coins.	Source_VOA	1
1164528	Tom collects antiques.	CK	1
680536	Tom collected old coins.	Source_VOA	1
2273074	Tom is collecting things.	CK	1
2290381	I didn't know you collected stamps.	CK	1
2331680	I had no idea you collected stamps.	CK	1
251142	My hobby is collecting old bottles.	CK	1
37356	Tom's hobby is collecting photos of cars.	CM	1
1093399	Tom isn't currently collecting unemployment benefits.	CK	1
3022297	Tom collects stamps.	sharptoothed
53108	Jack collects stamps.	CK
1817357	He is collecting data.	Amastan
62480	Ken collects old coins.	CK
1900559	Did you collect them all?	Guybrush88
680538	I love to collect stamps.	Source_VOA
680537	Tom collected coffee cups.	Source_VOA
991623	I used to collect coasters.	Munia
705573	Do you still collect stamps?	Eldad
1723929	I can't collect my thoughts.	belgavox
256975	I collect silver tea spoons.	Zifre
258472	I collect stamps as a hobby.	CK
300597	He collected a lot of stamps.	CK
1216253	He's collecting various data.	jared1981
251129	My hobby is collecting coins.	CK
251146	My hobby is stamp collecting.	CK
3313108	We need to collect more data.	CK
296136	He likes collecting old coins.	CK
1008775	His hobby is stamp collecting.	AOCinJAPAN
251147	My hobby is collecting stamps.	CK
309392	Her hobby is collecting stamps.	CK
286643	His hobby is collecting stamps.	CK
251143	My hobby is collecting insects.	CK
2826708	My hobby is collecting watches.	Nero
32594	Are you still collecting stamps?	CK
497116	My hobby is collecting old toys.	CK
288993	He collected bits of information.	CK
288986	He collected various information.	CK
321510	My hobby is collecting old coins.	CK
273045	The teacher collected the papers.	CK
309391	Her hobby was collecting old coins.	CK
286647	His hobby is collecting old stamps.	CK
1169890	My brother likes to collect stamps.	etoile
681962	Some people actually collect rocks.	Source_VOA
2292647	They collected shells on the beach.	Hybrid
309833	Her only hobby is collecting stamps.	CK
239051	A crowd collected to watch the fight.	CM
272463	I lost interest in collecting stamps.	CK