English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Code" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2313700	I cracked the code.	CK	1
1474116	There is no dress code.	CK	1
1951364	I can't break this code.	CK	1
1954779	I can't remember the secret code.	CK	1
2033745	I'd like to send a coded message to Tom.	CK	1
1038964	Adding comments makes reading the code easier.	CK	1
319836	Is there a dress code?	CM
2883741	Italy's country code is 39.	AlanF_US
2259333	The letter was written in code.	_undertoad
1555351	The ZIP code here is 14080-000.	erikspen
246131	Do I have to dial the area code, too?	CK
1036566	Adding comments makes the code easier to read.	sysko
1358855	All employees had to memorize the access code.	CM
34195	Frank left a message by means of a secret code.	CM
1140023	Would you be willing to share your code with me?	CK
1038962	Adding comments makes it easier to read the code.	CK
35909	Can you tell me what the zip code is for New York?	CK
282833	The number is 932-8647, but I don't know the area code.	CK
1845245	Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, has the zip code 8000.	danepo
2033447	When we were in school, my best friend and I made our own secret code so we could write messages to each other without other people being able to read them.	Chrikaru