English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Coach" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2248276	I'm the coach.	CK	1
2331582	I had a good coach.	CK	1
50255	Who coaches the team?	CK	1
2546988	Tom isn't a bad coach.	CK	1
2279432	Tom doesn't need a coach.	CK	1
2033203	I want you to be my coach.	CK	1
1553435	I'm not your coach anymore.	CK	1
2413985	Tom and Mary are both coaching John.	CK	1
1025495	Tom has a friend who is a wrestling coach.	CK	1
1222702	A good coach is like a father to his players.	CK	1
2401237	Tom's gym teacher is Mary's basketball coach.	CK	1
3070226	This is my coach.	McBridge9
1369487	He's a great coach.	Spamster
2854385	Who is the team's coach?	APagano
2545581	I used to coach football.	CK
1354463	I wanted to hire a coach.	CK
30089	A good coach trains this team.	CM
62312	The coach gave me some advice.	CK
2957272	Tom is the new assistant coach.	CK
1125585	That coach gave him good advice.	Scott
297421	He has coached us for half a year.	CK
954180	My coach eats 6,000 calories a day.	CK
1126204	The coach gave him some good advice.	CK
60897	This team is trained by a good coach.	Nero
62306	The coach considers Bob a good player.	CK
2955100	You've never coached before, have you?	CK
19249	A fanatic threw a bomb at the king's coach.	CK
311643	She liked tennis and became a tennis coach.	CK
62308	The coach accused us of not doing our best.	CK
325873	A good coach is like a parent to the players.	CM
2664954	The women's basketball team has a male coach.	Hybrid
72198	Who do you think is the best coach in the NFL?	CK
62305	The coach made the players run five miles a day.	CK
1369488	He's a great coach and is loved by all his players.	Spamster
326177	The last three coaches of the train were badly damaged.	CM
3070555	Tom's fitness has improved markedly under his new coach.	patgfisher
2955071	You're the worst basketball coach this team has ever had.	CK
954181	My coach eats 8,000 calories a day and never gains weight.	CK
1265166	The coach gave his team a pep talk before the game started.	darinmex
2096831	Well, of course, I would never doubt that my coach is right.	Eldad
1830522	The coach told the players not to eat too much before the game.	CK
954340	The coach called off the game because many of the players were down with the flu.	CK
43436	All the coaches of the train were packed to capacity ten minutes before it started.	CK
2946094	The coach urged his team not to be complacent following their four consecutive wins.	patgfisher