English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Club" in Example Sentences
Page 1

3330608	I met Tom at a club.	CK	1
3313118	We went out clubbing.	CK	1
3315238	It's a pretty big club.	CK	1
62887	Will you join our club?	CK	1
2528234	I have the ace of clubs.	Guybrush88	1
294063	He joined the English club.	CK	1
255270	I don't belong to any club.	CK	1
254110	I don't belong to the club.	CK	1
1311651	What club do you belong to?	NekoKanjya	1
304274	He joined the baseball club.	CK	1
16470	Which club do you belong to?	Swift	1
387448	John is in the swimming club.	CK	1
281939	What time does the club open?	CK	1
3170880	You'll never get in that club.	CK	1
258913	I'm a member of the swimming club.	CK	1
52558	John belongs to the swimming club.	blay_paul	1
2406147	I saw Tom last weekend at the club.	CK	1
681250	Tom joined his school's drama club.	Source_VOA	1
1952045	You can't kick Tom out of the club.	CK	1
325478	Can foreign students be in the club?	CM	1
2377304	I left my tennis racket at the club.	CK	1
290465	He applied for admission to the club.	CK	1
1872493	Tom didn't know Mary was at the club.	CK	1
252118	I became a member of the club in 1980.	CK	1
387447	John is a member of the swimming club.	CK	1
886998	She beat him to death with a golf club.	CK	1
2028393	I'd like you to consider joining our club.	CK	1
252414	I became a member of the club ten years ago.	CK	1
247382	Whoever wants to join our club will be welcome.	CK	1
1095525	Tom certainly can't become a member of our club.	CK	1
1397736	Tom invited Mary to a party at the country club.	Spamster	1
681712	Tom performs in a jazz club three nights a week.	Source_VOA	1
1530912	Tom doesn't like clubs where there is loud music.	Spamster	1
1961672	I thought you said Tom wasn't a member of our club.	CK	1
1025069	Tom is by far the best singer performing at this club.	CK	1
1095594	Tom can't get a drink in this club because he's underage.	CK	1
1029526	Tom can go hear Mary sing at that club whenever he wants to.	CK	1
1023929	Tom was very attached to the golf clubs that his father had given him.	CK	1
1737355	It's a boys' club.	Spamster
2306586	I met him at a club.	Hybrid
2182552	Welcome to the club.	Hybrid
2267431	It's a military club.	_undertoad
619676	Let's go to the club.	ulyssemc1
256327	I am in the music club.	CK
321602	I meet him at the club.	CK
430223	I'm in a swimming club.	witbrock
254155	I'm in the tennis club.	CK
253772	I will join a golf club.	CK
33199	Bob is in the drama club.	CK
254111	I want to enter the club.	CK