English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Cloud" in Example Sentences
Page 1

68579	Look at those clouds.	CK	1
313580	She must be on cloud nine.	CK	1
26530	The clouds are getting darker.	CK	1
507297	There's not a cloud in the sky.	FeuDRenais	1
2377416	I let my emotions cloud my judgment.	CK	1
271548	It was a fine day and there were no clouds in the sky.	CK	1
2709849	I'm on cloud nine.	wallebot
26520	The clouds hung low.	CM
26522	The clouds hid the sun.	NekoKanjya
2556524	What's cloud computing?	Hybrid
33462	The dust rose in clouds.	CM
68380	Look at those black clouds.	CK
26508	Not a cloud was to be seen.	Dejo
242775	There were no clouds today.	CK
806995	There are clouds in the sky.	Source_VOA
51951	Look at the cloud over there.	CK
238821	The moon is behind the clouds.	CK
1451523	There aren't any clouds today.	Eldad
26527	A cloud floated across the sky.	CK
28470	Dark clouds are a sign of rain.	Swift
256154	I want to fly above the clouds.	CK
68361	That mountain is in the clouds.	CK
265562	The car raised a cloud of dust.	CK
18282	The sky is covered with clouds.	CK
462922	The sky is full of dark clouds.	lukaszpp
275055	The sun went behind the clouds.	CM
425820	There are no clouds in the sky.	CK
1511070	There isn't a cloud in the sky.	weihaiping
3053581	Every cloud has a silver lining.	altusi
36678	Every cloud has a silver lining.	CK
318055	The plane flew above the clouds.	CK
275054	The sun vanished behind a cloud.	CM
18309	There wasn't a cloud in the sky.	CK
275053	The sun broke through the clouds.	CK
18324	There was not a cloud in the sky.	J_S
245064	We saw clouds above the mountain.	CK
681166	The clouds hid the sun for a while.	Source_VOA
275051	The sun disappeared behind a cloud.	CK
275129	The sun was hidden by thick clouds.	CM
328122	By evening, a few clouds had formed.	CK
247673	Our plane is flying over the clouds.	CK
644595	That cloud looks like a rabbit to me.	darinmex
280797	The clouds are coming from the south.	CK
318056	The plane is flying above the clouds.	CK
28871	Our plane was flying above the clouds.	CK
1177008	Suddenly, the clouds darkened the sky.	bart
318081	The airplane ascended into the clouds.	CM
43600	The sky was full of clouds that night.	CK
299285	He had his head in the clouds in class.	Zifre
265431	The car left a cloud of dust behind it.	CM