English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Cling" in Example Sentences
Page 1

316810	She was clinging to her father.	CK	1
44554	The cat clung to her dress.	CM
285907	The mud clung to his shoes.	CK
1951402	You can't cling to the past.	CK
281987	Wet clothes cling to the body.	CM
2082712	They clung together for warmth.	halfb1t
35844	My wet clothes clung to my body.	CK
45392	The boy is clinging to his mother.	CM
305963	They still clung to this doctrine.	CM
47379	That child was clinging to his mother.	CK
46429	The little girl clung to her father's arm.	CK
303595	He clung to the hope that he could be a lawyer.	CM
248697	We are still clinging to the dreams of our youth.	CK
518090	He clung to the hope that he would see her again someday.	darinmex
320315	It was time to part, but still the couple clung together.	CM
314656	She was still clinging to the hope that her dog would be found alive.	CK