English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Clever" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111819	How clever!	CK	1
1357082	That's clever.	sacredceltic	1
2202654	Tom is clever.	CK	1
2202655	You're clever.	CK	1
2239754	Tom was clever.	CK	1
2248290	I'm very clever.	CK	1
2255260	You were clever.	CK	1
1913084	How clever Tom is!	CK	1
497123	She is very clever.	CK	1
2251303	That's very clever.	CK	1
2218478	You're very clever.	CK	1
280118	I wish I were clever.	CK	1
3171947	I think Tom is clever.	CK	1
1454140	That boy is very clever.	CK	1
3184045	Tom thinks he's so clever.	CK	1
36994	Tom looks like a clever boy.	CK	1
1975739	That's actually pretty clever.	CK	1
1095336	Tom certainly thinks he's clever.	CK	1
2878253	You're not as clever as you think.	CK	1
73438	He is very clever for a boy of ten.	CK	1
52511	John is clever.	CK
3360588	Tom seems clever.	CK
2944146	What a clever dog!	Hybrid
304616	He is a clever boy.	CK
298959	He is clever indeed.	CM
2293555	He is really clever.	Adelpa
71467	I know you are clever.	CK
2258583	He's a very clever boy.	_undertoad
766003	Pandas are very clever.	eastasiastudent
67979	He is a most clever boy.	CM
292296	What a clever boy he is!	CK
239370	Any clever boy can do it.	CM
292905	He is quite a clever man.	CM
3074225	Tom is a very clever man.	Hybrid
292459	He is handsome and clever.	CK
689033	He is more clever than me.	Zifre
311780	She is a very clever liar.	CK
296027	He looks like a clever boy.	CK
283580	I'm sure that he is clever.	CK
311861	She is quite a clever girl.	CM
57637	This animal is very clever.	CM
3358969	You think you're so clever.	CK
689034	He is more clever than I am.	Zifre
296023	He is more clever than wise.	CM
2892322	Tom is clever and ambitious.	CK
302462	He is more lucky than clever.	CM
317395	She is more wise than clever.	Swift
463453	John is more clever than Bill.	CM
1304520	Judy is a very clever student.	CK
296088	He is clever at making excuses.	CM