English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Cigarette" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2647467	Tom lit a cigarette.	CK	1
291663	He gave up cigarettes.	CK	1
2646358	Tom lit his cigarette.	CK	1
3155624	Put that cigarette out.	CK	1
1164294	Tom put out his cigarette.	CK	1
1662651	Tom is lighting a cigarette.	Amastan	1
2406155	I saw Tom smoking a cigarette.	CK	1
1029466	Tom caught Mary smoking a cigarette.	CK	1
2033693	I want you to put out that cigarette.	CK	1
2033694	I want you to put out your cigarette.	CK	1
2792263	Tom sat on a bench smoking a cigarette.	CK	1
61915	Please refrain from smoking cigarettes here.	CK	1
1095550	Tom can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke.	CK	1
1448387	Tom drank coffee while Mary smoked a cigarette.	CK	1
1448388	Tom told Mary to buy some coffee and cigarettes.	CK	1
1987567	Tom used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.	CK	1
1448386	Tom doesn't drink coffee, but he smokes cigarettes.	CK	1
1096072	The police took pictures of the cigarette burns on Tom's body.	CK	1
2335910	Tom let the ashes from his cigarette fall on my expensive carpet.	CK	1
40683	Every time cigarettes go up in price, many people try to give up smoking.	Swift	1
2936457	I need a cigarette.	AlanF_US
254969	I smoke cigarettes.	CK
568598	Give me a cigarette.	FeuDRenais
40648	Let me have a cigarette.	CM
1471238	Where are my cigarettes?	Guybrush88
1358157	Could I have a cigarette?	CK
291667	He asked for a cigarette.	CK
590486	I roll my own cigarettes.	darinmex
25882	Keep your cigarettes dry.	NekoKanjya
3045859	Can you spare a cigarette?	sharptoothed
319014	Father gave up cigarettes.	CM
622821	Has he given up cigarettes?	Guybrush88
40684	I was aching for a cigarette.	CK
2985369	Tom rolls his own cigarettes.	sharptoothed
2796864	We are all out of cigarettes.	sharptoothed
568954	Can I bum a cigarette off you?	darinmex
291748	He paused to have a cigarette.	CK
25883	Please put your cigarette out.	CK
2542205	Tom stubbed out his cigarette.	CK
1358153	Would you give me a cigarette?	CK
310113	She smokes 20 cigarettes a day.	CK
2258228	Give me a light for my cigarette.	_undertoad
995259	He stopped for a quick cigarette.	NickC
572456	She stopped to smoke a cigarette.	kebukebu
2280887	He smokes twenty cigarettes a day.	ichivivi20
2796810	I want to buy a pack of cigarettes.	sharptoothed
887032	She caught him smoking a cigarette.	CK
2871511	Could I bum a cigarette and a light?	CK
1359535	He smokes twenty cigarettes per day.	starzykj
288447	He smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.	CK