English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Chocolate" in Example Sentences
Page 1

255034	I like chocolate.	CK	1
1856044	I love chocolate.	Amastan	1
413336	Ann loves chocolate.	CK	1
2377443	I like chocolate milk.	CK	1
29600	Linda loves chocolate.	CK	1
1589467	I don't like chocolate.	Zaghawa	1
2376576	I know you like chocolate.	CK	1
255036	He ate a box of chocolates.	CK	1
2267026	I like chocolate ice cream.	_undertoad	1
568748	Do you like white chocolate?	Shishir	1
2299557	I brought you hot chocolate.	CK	1
1830392	Tom ate all of the chocolate.	CK	1
1706	Who wants some hot chocolate?	CK	1
413335	Ann likes chocolate very much.	CK	1
1024574	Tom likes chocolate very much.	CK	1
2744620	You like chocolate, don't you?	CK	1
66858	Ann has a weakness for chocolate.	CK	1
16507	You don't like chocolate, do you?	CK	1
1093226	Tom made me a cup of hot chocolate.	CK	1
282085	I'd like to have some hot chocolate.	CM	1
2325183	I especially like your chocolate cake.	CK	1
413339	Ann loves chocolate more than anything.	CK	1
2033727	I don't want to sell chocolate anymore.	CK	1
1025504	Tom has a craving for chocolate ice cream.	CK	1
2744520	Thanks for the chocolate. It was delicious.	CK	1
3180506	Tom shared his chocolate bar with his friend.	Hybrid	1
1093327	Tom knows Mary can't resist chocolate ice cream.	CK	1
1024622	Tom knows a woman who doesn't like to eat chocolate.	CK	1
1040483	What Tom really wanted to eat was chocolate pudding.	CK	1
2331834	I had to make a choice between chocolate and vanilla.	CK	1
1430144	For dessert, Tom ordered chocolate parfait with vanilla ice cream.	CK	1
1027055	Tom ate the chocolate donut that I had smuggled into the hospital.	CK	1
1023876	Tom would have missed the train if he had stopped to buy a chocolate bar.	CK	1
1096103	Since Tom wanted the chocolate much more than she did, Mary let him have it.	CK	1
463180	They eat chocolate.	lukaszpp
2800637	Do you like chocolate?	Guybrush88
2480372	I gave Mary chocolate.	Dejo
2901149	I like dark chocolate.	Hybrid
436819	I need a hot chocolate.	lukaszpp
451728	Who wants hot chocolate?	FeuDRenais
1152245	She also likes chocolate.	belgavox
707189	She likes chocolate, too.	papabear
311595	She loves chocolate, too.	CK
3171242	Tom loves chocolate cake.	CK
2380420	I made some hot chocolate.	CK
2744619	You like chocolate, right?	CK
1989679	Do you like chocolate milk?	Spamster
413340	Ann is partial to chocolate.	CM
2487532	Do you like white chocolate?	silesian
291735	He is fond of chocolate cake.	CM