English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Cheese" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1852269	Say cheese.	CK	1
2151983	I love cheese.	balkanbalkan	1
416554	I ate the cheese.	Scott	1
37244	Tom likes cheese.	CK	1
2361642	I love goat cheese.	CK	1
3196474	I don't like cheese.	Theocracy	1
1877594	Everyone, say cheese.	CK	1
40281	I'd like some cheese.	Swift	1
55892	This smells like cheese.	CK	1
37243	Tom doesn't like cheese.	CK	1
32228	Cheese is made from milk.	CK	1
881859	Tom does not like cheese.	papabear	1
1026983	Tom bought a pound of cheese.	CK	1
453075	I bought some cheese and milk.	FeuDRenais	1
1027064	Tom ate one slice of Swiss cheese.	CK	1
1026050	Tom doesn't like cheese very much.	CK	1
1006538	Cheese is easy to cut with a knife.	Nero	1
1830427	Tom might not eat this kind of cheese.	CK	1
255000	I bought some cheese and a little milk.	CK	1
62863	Would you pass me the cream cheese, please?	CK	1
906714	What's your favorite cheese to eat when drinking wine?	CK	1
1847728	Tom sat by the pool drinking red wine and eating expensive cheese.	CK	1
2396311	One of Tom's favorite meals is a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.	CK	1
2481696	I eat cheese.	abkhaz
754987	I like cheese pizza.	Guybrush88
2286629	We don't like cheese.	Guybrush88
2292585	Do you like blue cheese?	Hybrid
2797729	Do you want some cheese?	Guybrush88
2601373	Do we have grated cheese?	AlanF_US
40272	Cheese doesn't digest easily.	CM
252974	I don't like cheese very much.	CK
60899	This cheese has a sharp taste.	CM
1723601	I would like a piece of cheese.	belgavox
1359295	I'll buy some cheese and bread.	CK
1444748	Add two ounces of grated cheese.	Spamster
40268	I would like to buy some cheese.	CK
255001	I like butter better than cheese.	CK
1870543	I still remember he loves cheese.	Guybrush88
2673148	Cottage cheese is my favorite food.	orcrist
482385	His breath smells like goat cheese.	adjusting
320673	Mother cut the cheese with a knife.	CM
19467	Milk is made into butter and cheese.	CK
19457	We make milk into cheese and butter.	CK
35198	Butter and cheese are made from milk.	CK
430188	It's easy to cut cheese with a knife.	witbrock
838697	That cheese is made from goat's milk.	Scott
2592839	This cheese is made from goat's milk.	WestofEden
2592837	This cheese is made from goat's milk.	WestofEden
2580883	This cheese is made from goat's milk.	Hybrid
2686620	My mother loves to eat cottage cheese.	orcrist