English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Charm" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2107462	Tom's charming.	CK	1
2253842	Use your charm.	CK	1
2202647	Tom is charming.	CK	1
2202648	You're charming.	CK	1
2648771	Mary is charming.	CK	1
2548904	You were charming.	CK	1
2273582	Tom is very charming.	CK	1
2546475	It worked like a charm.	CK	1
539523	She is a charming woman.	CK	1
68031	That baby has charming eyes.	CK	1
1951470	You can't deny that Tom is charming.	CK	1
2031993	You can be pretty charming when you want to be.	CK	1
62704	Kate is very charming.	CK
2839275	You're charming today.	astynk
288909	He had a certain charm.	CM
1037126	I think Tom is charming.	GPHemsley
64727	I'm charmed to meet you.	CM
312471	She has a charming face.	CM
317113	She was a charming woman.	CM
1891232	He's handsome and charming.	Spamster
3023681	Tom is being very charming.	CK
53798	Jane is a most charming girl.	CK
16136	You look very charming today.	CK
261192	I charmed a secret out of her.	CK
286453	His childlike laugh is charming.	CM
286312	His speech charmed the audience.	CM
317112	I believe she is a charming girl.	autuno
52874	Joan is as charming as her sister.	CK
1350285	Kate is as charming as her sister.	CK
322666	Let's drink to our charming hostess!	CM
318161	Mika is no less charming than Keiko.	Zifre
2957344	Tom is very charming when he smiles.	CK
70986	Your grandmother is a charming lady.	CK
3045819	I don't believe in spells and charms.	sharptoothed
261317	I was charmed by her way of speaking.	CM
317111	She is a charming and reliable person.	CK
316528	She is just as charming as her sister.	CK
394648	I think she is charming and attractive.	CK
855287	My brother gave me a charming baby doll.	piksea
313922	She is no less charming than her sister.	CM
311332	She was carried away by the man's charm.	CM
914111	She is a most charming young lady indeed.	Jane_Austen
266843	Those present were charmed by her beauty.	CM
3047156	Tom does have a certain charm, doesn't he?	CK
618397	There is something very charming about you.	TRANG
1124654	Black and white photos have a special charm.	kedge
62722	Kate is no less charming than her sister is.	CM
313917	She is no less charming than her older sister.	CM
2957391	Tom keeps a rabbit's foot as a good-luck charm.	CK
2957392	Tom keeps an eagle feather as a good-luck charm.	CK