English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Channel" in Example Sentences
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73467	What is on Channel 10?	CK	1
40189	Can I change the channel?	CK	1
2270336	Don't change the channel.	CK	1
40190	Do you mind if I change the channel?	CK	1
1095307	Tom changes channels during commercials.	CK	1
40192	Turn to channel 1.	CM
2466811	I saw it on Discovery Channel.	Hybrid
1765159	Please stop changing channels.	CK
2712927	Tom flipped through the channels.	CK
681560	It's time for the news on Channel 79.	Source_VOA
33613	Can I see what's on the other channels?	CK
2259269	The boat was approaching the English Channel.	_undertoad
437087	I was able to swim across The English Channel.	lukaszpp
310360	She failed in her attempt to swim the Channel.	CK
66593	The English Channel separates England and France.	CK
49026	They are building a long bridge across the channel.	CK
1256891	I wanted to switch channel, but my wife didn't let me.	CM
26149	Britain is separated from the Continent by the Channel.	mcq
428088	He is the only American to have swum the English Channel.	witbrock
288976	He is the only American who has swum the English Channel.	human600
27287	You can hear English on Channel 1, and Japanese on Channel 7.	CK
3061077	Tom grabbed the remote control from Mary and changed channels.	CK
3315526	Tom picked up the remote and started flipping through channels.	CK
26121	The first man that succeed in swimming the Channel was Captain Webb.	CK
30576	You'll never get ahead in this place unless you go through the proper channels.	CM
26395	The swimmer, Cindy Nicholas, barely made it ashore at Dover at the end of the exhausting swim, but a spokesman from the Channel Swimming Association announced that she was in very good shape.	NekoKanjya