English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Chairperson" in Example Sentences
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1315815	He talked to the chairperson.	CK	1
1315814	She talked to the chairperson.	CK	1
388631	She was appointed chairperson.	CK	1
249312	We elected her chairperson.	CK
256821	I was appointed chairperson.	CK
28849	We elected Jane chairperson.	CM
32926	Mike was elected chairperson.	CK
20012	The chairperson cut me short.	NekoKanjya
307446	They elected her chairperson.	CK
1349922	Mr. Jordan is the chairperson.	CK
1349889	We elected Ms. Jordan chairperson.	CM
242923	Who will be the chairperson today?	CM
273349	Ms. Asada was appointed chairperson.	CK
28242	The committee elected him chairperson.	CM
680488	Who is the chairperson of the meeting?	Source_VOA
680489	The chairperson has asked for questions.	Source_VOA
680490	Everyone is listening to the chairperson.	Source_VOA
32928	Mike acted as chairperson of the meeting.	CK
20008	The chairperson has been associated with the organization for ten years.	CK