English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Cave" in Example Sentences
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1526110	Tom and Mary went caving.	Spamster	1
2359177	I've been living in a cave.	CK	1
2892918	Why did you go to the cave?	CK	1
2770612	We hid in the cave together.	CK	1
3200692	Who told you about this cave?	CK	1
3170716	It's pitch black inside the cave.	CK	1
55648	This is what I found in the cave.	CK	1
2314917	I didn't go into the cave with Tom.	CK	1
1024634	Tom knew what was hidden in the cave.	CK	1
1092326	Tom was too afraid to enter the cave.	CK	1
3238992	Do you think it's safe to go into this cave?	CK	1
44687	The cave was so dark that they had to feel their way.	CK	1
1094607	Tom didn't want to live in the cave anymore, but he had no choice.	CK	1
2268180	The house caved in.	_undertoad
2956202	Tom came out of the cave.	CK
40355	No one could find the cave.	blay_paul
2643944	Tom led Mary into the cave.	CK
2259549	They crawled out of the cave.	_undertoad
590466	Don't cave into their demands.	darinmex
2713073	Tom went deeper into the cave.	CK
44688	Was the cave found by the boys?	Dejo
2642347	Tom led the way out of the cave.	CK
3202061	I told Tom not to go into the cave.	CK
2539950	Tom was afraid to stay in the cave.	CK
2824149	The divers were trapped in the cave.	catcher
2641496	Tom and Mary were alone in the cave.	CK
3202139	Tom told me not to go into the cave.	CK
1295039	He likes to explore underground caves.	CK
2539240	I'd no idea anyone lived in this cave.	CK
2583428	We weren't allowed to go into that cave.	CK
1972582	I would really like to explore this cave.	CK
44690	A monster was believed to live in the cave.	CM
2958659	Tom was trapped in the cave for three days.	CK
276708	The explorers discovered a skeleton in the cave.	CK
2958400	Tom turned on his flashlight and entered the cave.	CK
268831	Believe it or not, a monster emerged from the cave.	CK
2639874	Have you ever seen people actually go into that cave?	CK
715776	We took refuge in a cave and waited for the storm to pass.	darinmex
3128001	I suggest we concentrate on finding a way out of this cave.	CK
2009289	Why would anyone hide something like that inside this cave?	CK
50149	The tunnel caved in because of the earthquake the other day.	Zifre
1508	"What's going on in the cave? I'm curious." "I have no idea."	CK
1079129	"What's happening in the cave? I'm curious." "I have no idea."	keira_n
3069627	The Altamira cave is famous for its magnificent Paleolithic paintings.	Hybrid
3070622	The searchers could hear faint calls coming from deep within the cave.	patgfisher
280367	When a big ape emerged from the cave, they got frightened and ran away.	CK