English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Case" in Example Sentences
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3150808	Go buy a case of beer.	CK	1
2262041	I'm Tom's case manager.	CK	1
58403	You're wrong in this case.	CK	1
2220694	I brought one just in case.	Hybrid	1
889762	I thought that was the case.	CK	1
2543736	I wish that wasn't the case.	CK	1
2542902	I'm sure that's not the case.	CK	1
897304	I don't think that's the case.	Scott	1
264091	I've got a bad case of jet lag.	CK	1
1318706	Let me tell you about the case.	CK	1
2293455	I assure you that's not the case.	CK	1
2326248	I figured that might be the case.	CK	1
3150525	We used to buy these by the case.	CK	1
2840725	That's not the worst-case scenario.	CK	1
44000	The law doesn't apply to this case.	CK	1
37639	In any case, I'll call you tomorrow.	CK	1
3098956	In any case, you don't need to worry.	CK	1
2046881	In case you haven't noticed, I'm busy.	CK	1
2452037	The lawyer decided to appeal the case.	sharptoothed	1
1841438	Tom was standing near the trophy case.	CK	1
2026439	In any case, I don't want you to worry.	CK	1
2045901	We carried a map with us in case we got lost.	CK	1
30920	In case anything happens, call me immediately.	CK	1
1095729	Tom brought his knife just in case he needed it.	CK	1
18803	In case of an emergency, get in touch with my agent.	CK	1
26890	Take an umbrella with you in case it begins to rain.	CK	1
1096524	Can you think of any reason why that might be the case?	CK	1
326028	As is often the case with him, he didn't show up on time.	CM	1
2325189	I even wrote a speech just in case I was asked to give one.	CK	1
73231	We will have to consider each application on a case-by-case basis.	CK	1
2063227	In case something happens to me, I'd like you to take care of my children.	CK	1
1025942	Tom doesn't think it'll rain, but he plans to carry an umbrella just in case.	CK	1
263766	This is the case.	CM
1257651	The case is closed.	Triwizard
42351	That's not the case.	CM
1886128	Did you win the case?	CK
394125	He's a hopeless case.	FeuDRenais
1721051	It's an extreme case.	Spamster
42297	That is not the case.	CK
1552237	Tom is a closet case.	Spamster
2267270	In any case, we'll go.	_undertoad
322171	Is it really the case?	CK
47234	Who will try the case?	CM
400314	In that case, let's go.	FeuDRenais
1461541	In this case, let's go.	Guybrush88
68314	Who will hear the case?	CM
58983	Who will try this case?	CM
239673	State your case briefly.	CM
456199	It's a very strange case.	lukaszpp
55530	This is a very rare case.	CK