English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Capacity" in Example Sentences
Page 1

35287	The bus was filled to capacity.	CK
33641	The hall was filled to capacity.	CM
319528	The room has a seating capacity of 200.	CM
61310	This elevator's capacity is ten people.	CM
240744	The factory is running at full capacity.	CK
40324	The tank has a capacity of fifty-gallons.	CK
273756	All of the factories are nearing capacity.	CM
2259717	This tank has a capacity of thirty liters.	_undertoad
23412	Our factories are working at full capacity.	CK
59504	This theater has a seating capacity of 500.	CM
284758	He has the capacity to become an accountant.	CM
284836	He doesn't have the capacity to be president.	CM
1343901	The committee can only act in an advisory capacity.	Chrikaru
308781	She has a remarkable capacity for learning languages.	CK
270269	Man has a great capacity to adapt to environmental changes.	CM
249537	We adults shouldn't destroy the intelligent and creative capacity of children.	CK
287568	He has a huge capacity for accepting other people. That's what makes him special.	CM
43436	All the coaches of the train were packed to capacity ten minutes before it started.	CK
720529	Most people don't even scratch the surface of the human mind's capacity for memorization.	Zifre