English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Candidate" in Example Sentences
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2272770	Tom is a candidate.	CK	1
1095923	Tom announced his candidacy for class president.	CK	1
1925383	Tom and Mary are planning to vote for the same candidate.	CK	1
2546987	Tom isn't a candidate.	CK
23192	We voted for the candidate.	Swift
240376	There's no shortage of candidates.	CM
1452097	Mr. Smith is a candidate for mayor.	CK
1534792	That candidate deserves our support.	CK
1987970	The two candidates are neck and neck.	Spamster
2539103	Tom is the best candidate for the job.	CK
2955019	You're the best candidate for this job.	CK
2890262	We pledged our support to the candidate.	sharptoothed
2163184	There was a list of available candidates.	Source_VOA
682440	The Republican candidate won the election.	Source_VOA
805316	No one expected him to be a candidate again.	Source_VOA
802566	They felt their candidate would win in 1860.	Source_VOA
300817	He attracted votes away from both candidates.	CK
254465	I have a good opinion of the young candidate.	CM
297175	He is one of the candidates running for mayor.	CK
304660	He officially announced himself as a candidate.	CK
2571469	I entered Tom's name on the list of candidates.	sharptoothed
20628	Strange to say, no one voted for the candidate.	NekoKanjya
291051	He was the strongest candidate for the position.	CK
275925	He was being groomed as a presidential candidate.	CM
802644	They refused to treat him as a serious candidate.	Source_VOA
807679	Dwight Eisenhower was the candidate for president.	Source_VOA
288866	He is one of the American presidential candidates.	TheDQN
257403	I put Paul's name forward as a possible candidate.	CM
802659	They had to find the strongest candidate possible.	Source_VOA
804343	None of the candidates got a majority of the votes.	Source_VOA
46155	There were a good many candidates for the position.	CM
271354	Political candidates should talk about family values.	CM
301099	He was elected as chairman from among many candidates.	CM
804346	Many Republicans did not vote for their own candidate.	Source_VOA
1496012	Of the three candidates, I think Mr. Smith is the best.	CK
802729	They named Bill Clinton as their candidate for president.	Source_VOA
252053	I'll eat my hat if my candidate does not win the election.	CM
706764	The local newspaper is endorsing the conservative candidate.	darinmex
1538284	The Socialist Party groomed him as a presidential candidate.	JimBreen
53360	Jim Waller is a strong candidate for the post of sales manager.	CK
282329	Farmers are still sitting on the fence over which candidate to back.	CK
68678	The dark horse candidate was losing in the polls before the primary.	CK
241304	The majority of the successful candidates were university graduates.	CM
271357	Questioned about his policies, the candidate gave only vague answers.	CM
269144	There was a new candidate on the ticket at the Democratic convention.	CK
682322	Winning the election was a great victory for the candidate's political party.	Source_VOA
273528	In most elections, whichever candidate gets the majority of the votes, wins the election.	CK
322697	The Democrats haven't decided on their candidates yet, but in any case they're sure to lose.	CK
916639	Even though the media reports that she is a potential presidential candidate, does anyone really think that she is a potential president?	CK