English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Cancer" in Example Sentences
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2248444	Is it cancer?	CK	1
2245875	I have cancer.	CK	1
2549612	Tom had cancer.	CK	1
1558356	Tom has cancer.	Spamster	1
2549420	You have cancer.	CK	1
286501	He died of cancer.	CK	1
2255429	You've got cancer.	CK	1
1094585	Tom died of cancer.	CK	1
2271860	I don't have cancer.	CK	1
302428	He's got lung cancer.	CK	1
2646448	Tom could have cancer.	CK	1
302426	He died of lung cancer.	CK	1
2646041	Is Tom dying of cancer?	CK	1
244138	My wife died of cancer.	CK	1
250247	My uncle died of cancer.	CK	1
251635	My father died of cancer.	CK	1
2956477	Tom didn't die of cancer.	CK	1
2276370	Tom is suffering from cancer.	CK	1
266631	I hear my uncle died of cancer.	CK	1
63426	We can cure some types of cancer.	CK	1
302430	He is afraid of getting lung cancer.	CK	1
1140920	Tom was told he had cancer just recently.	CK	1
20801	Cancer can be cured if discovered in time.	CK	1
682514	Scientists haven't found a cure for cancer yet.	Source_VOA	1
282471	There is a connection between smoking and lung cancer.	CM	1
992043	Many cancer patients lose their hair because of chemotherapy.	CK	1
73284	In 1955, the cancer returned and she died in 1956 at the age of 42.	CM	1
63430	Cancer took him.	CM
310707	She died of cancer.	CK
680472	She's beating cancer.	Source_VOA
46021	The man died of cancer.	CK
289603	He did not die of cancer.	CK
1699699	He died of gastric cancer.	mookeee
287387	His illness may be cancer.	CK
680712	Breast cancer is a disease.	Source_VOA
312520	She died of stomach cancer.	jakov
43397	The old man died of cancer.	CK
3023761	Tom has got stomach cancer.	CK
295258	He died of cancer last year.	CK
1491497	That old man died of cancer.	AndreoPeetermans
250263	My uncle died of lung cancer.	CK
319321	My father died of lung cancer.	CK
1652274	Tanning can cause skin cancer.	Spamster
63013	Cookie's mother died of cancer.	CK
253366	I had my only son die of cancer.	CK
680482	We don't know what causes cancer.	Source_VOA
430688	Cancer is a great enemy of mankind.	Sbgodin
302427	He was operated on for lung cancer.	CK
27928	The doctor cured him of his cancer.	CK
237870	My brother died of cancer last year.	CK