English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Bury" in Example Sentences
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2245629	I buried it.	CK	1
2241556	We'll bury it.	CK	1
2243071	They buried it.	CK	1
2273912	What did you bury?	CK	1
2892818	Where is Tom buried?	CK	1
2273680	Tom was buried alive.	CK	1
1167521	Tom is buried in Boston.	CK	1
1951374	You can't bury the truth.	CK	1
276188	Who buried the gold bars here?	CK	1
2064941	Did you bury something on that island?	CK	1
2026355	Do you want to see where Tom is buried?	CK	1
272560	I hear it's buried under all that snow.	CK	1
2387686	I need to know where Tom buried the gold.	CK	1
1024211	Tom says that he wants to be buried here.	CK	1
1024259	Tom said he knew where the body was buried.	CK	1
2031985	Tom wants his father buried next to his mother.	CK	1
1954783	Tom can't remember where he buried the treasure.	CK	1
1030166	After killing Tom, Mary buried him in a shallow grave.	CK	1
2042674	I don't want anyone to find where we buried the treasure.	CK	1
1961358	I thought it was a mistake to tell Tom where we buried the treasure.	CK	1
442601	We will bury you.	Clavain
1789288	He was buried alive.	Spamster
239178	Dogs often bury bones.	CK
296565	He is dead and buried now.	CK
285531	His ashes are buried here.	CK
310105	She has buried her only son.	CK
680455	They buried her dead husband.	Source_VOA
307928	They buried him in his grave.	CM
315356	She was buried in her hometown.	CK
304706	He buried his head in his hands.	CM
289962	He was buried in this graveyard.	CK
1215228	Don't bury your head in the sand.	PeterR
1421923	Our dog buries bones in the yard.	CK
807149	Rachel was buried two days later.	Source_VOA
317423	She buried her face in her hands.	CM
607293	Muslims bury their dead in graves.	saeb
68722	I wonder who's buried in that tomb.	CK
1421922	Our dog buries bones in the garden.	CK
2983181	That's where the treasure's buried.	carlosalberto
803102	He wrote how he wished to be buried.	Source_VOA
6048	I buried my dog at the pet cemetery.	Zifre
680457	She's burying her money in the sand.	Source_VOA
22660	We were looking for buried treasure.	CK
320989	The treasure was buried on the island.	CK
24181	Our dog buries its bones in the garden.	blay_paul
61619	This is a place where animals are buried.	CM
56300	This is the church where Blake is buried.	CK
1882860	Your ancestors are buried at this church.	Eldad
1789290	The cat was not buried alive. He survived.	Spamster
2491814	The pirates buried a treasure on the island.	Hybrid