English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Britain" in Example Sentences
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1904469	Tom has a British accent.	CK	1
281482	Japan does a lot of trade with Britain.	Zifre	1
1489175	He is British.	weihaiping
288974	He has gone to Britain.	CK
804056	The British acted too late.	Source_VOA
804052	The British soldiers rested.	Source_VOA
38799	How can we buy British goods?	CM
804053	The British climbed the hill.	Source_VOA
1759441	Where is the British embassy?	loghaD
804054	British troops held that area.	Source_VOA
26143	Have you ever been to Britain?	CK
804055	The British finally retreated.	Source_VOA
254655	I ordered the book from Britain.	CK
804057	The British defeated the French.	Source_VOA
804058	The British government was angry.	Source_VOA
802338	They expected the British to win.	Source_VOA
278769	What is a typical British dinner?	CK
66598	Britain established many colonies.	CM
253069	I have just returned from Britain.	CK
62580	Kenya used to be a British colony.	CK
804059	The British captured Breed's Hill.	Source_VOA
281263	Which is larger, Japan or Britain?	Dejo
804060	Imports of British goods increased.	Source_VOA
908680	Who's your favorite British author?	CK
1655367	He doesn't understand British humour.	Spamster
275576	Can you take us to the British Museum?	Eldad
802396	They called British supporters Tories.	Source_VOA
52458	Zimbabwe was once a colony of Britain.	Nero
807352	France and Britain joined the invasion.	Source_VOA
301566	He was appointed ambassador to Britain.	CK
281264	Japan and Britain are island countries.	CK
2004995	The older daughter wants to be British.	Guybrush88
802412	They also refused to buy British goods.	Source_VOA
804061	Hamilton protested against British rule.	Source_VOA
273326	After the war, Britain had many colonies.	CM
36558	At one time Nigeria was a British colony.	U2FS
31511	I am anxious to visit Britain once again.	CK
804062	The British ambassador liked Burr's plan.	Source_VOA
804063	The British would need strong leadership.	Source_VOA
681696	We took a tour of the British Parliament.	Source_VOA
804215	France and Britain were at war once again.	Source_VOA
804064	Many had spent years in British factories.	Source_VOA
804065	News of the British attack spread quickly.	Source_VOA
804066	For two weeks, the British soldiers waited.	Source_VOA
66566	The British government is against the plan.	CK
802474	They shot at the British from behind trees.	Source_VOA
807491	Britain refused to be part of the agreement.	Source_VOA
294068	He is a British citizen, but lives in India.	CK
251949	My daughter went to Britain three years ago.	CK
804071	The British and American forces moved ahead.	Source_VOA