English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Bright" in Example Sentences
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2202629	Tom is bright.	CK	1
2202630	You're bright.	CK	1
3171151	Tom was bright.	CK	1
2249315	It's too bright.	CK	1
2273581	Tom is very bright.	CK	1
2548528	Tom's a bright boy.	CK	1
2548527	Tom's a bright kid.	CK	1
2547982	You're a bright boy.	CK	1
42742	That's a bright idea.	CM	1
2260059	Tom is not so bright.	CK	1
3171955	I think Tom is bright.	CK	1
2646375	Tom isn't very bright.	CK	1
3170580	Tom turned bright red.	CK	1
1820282	I like the bright colors	Alexander_M	1
680432	Tom is a bright student.	CK	1
295838	He is by no means bright.	CK	1
3177948	It's too bright to sleep.	CK	1
17496	You have a bright future.	CK	1
318795	The cloth was dyed bright red.	CK	1
324580	The moon was bright last night.	CK	1
30363	I'd like it in a brighter color.	CM	1
1024042	Tom usually wears sunglasses even when it's not so bright.	CK	1
3360591	Tom seems bright.	CK
1517925	The sun is bright.	Spamster
311811	She is very bright.	CK
1779858	The moon is bright.	Spamster
2324075	The sun was bright.	Hybrid
55464	This is too bright.	CM
1129941	I like bright colors.	ellasevia
1230455	The moon's so bright.	alec
271516	The stars are bright.	CK
2138242	Any other bright ideas?	Hybrid
287567	He has a bright future.	CM
257190	I'm anything but bright.	CM
680433	The balloons are bright.	Source_VOA
238756	The blood was bright red.	CK
2644824	Tom said you were bright.	CK
3023708	Tom is a bright young man.	CK
2207218	His cheeks were bright red.	Hybrid
533091	He's brighter than they are.	blay_paul
51853	A bright idea occurred to me.	CK
68228	That small star is brightest.	CK
18277	The sky was bright and clear.	papabear
619997	I see a bright future for you.	ulyssemc1
275118	The sun is the brightest star.	CK
36516	Bright ideas never occur to me.	CM
65329	Edison was not a bright student.	CK
680431	They like to wear bright colors.	Source_VOA
289726	He is the brightest in the class.	CK
851047	That small star is the brightest.	CK