English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Bridge" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245246	Cross the bridge.	CK	1
2451873	The bridge collapsed.	Hybrid	1
48664	How long is the bridge?	CK	1
68448	That bridge isn't long.	CK	1
1027010	Tom blew up the bridge.	CK	1
2713539	Tom crossed the bridge.	CK	1
2270329	Don't burn your bridges.	CK	1
2250420	Don't cross this bridge.	CK	1
68453	How long is that bridge?	CK	1
59652	How long is this bridge?	CK	1
1194234	There was a bridge there.	alexmarcelo	1
2807623	I drove my car off a bridge.	MarlonX19	1
68449	That bridge is made of stone.	CK	1
68450	That bridge is very beautiful.	CK	1
250522	My house is beyond that bridge.	CK	1
63676	There used to be a bridge here.	CK	1
1094200	Tom drove his car off a bridge.	CK	1
2050622	I don't know how to play bridge.	CK	1
68455	That bridge is anything but safe.	CK	1
462614	The bridge was built by the Romans.	lukaszpp	1
1887241	I don't know how old that bridge is.	CK	1
418875	At one time, there was a bridge here.	CK	1
307014	They built a bridge across the river.	CK	1
18971	I'll go with you as far as the bridge.	CK	1
1085018	Look at the train crossing the bridge.	CK	1
326140	Look at the train going over the bridge.	CK	1
418874	A long time ago, there was a bridge here.	CK	1
18988	Do you know the man standing on the bridge?	CK	1
1094719	Tom didn't know that the bridge was closed.	CK	1
1092613	Tom tried to teach Mary how to play bridge.	CK	1
1884524	Tom crosses this bridge at least once a week.	CK	1
47011	I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it.	CK	1
1026659	Tom committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.	CK	1
1029372	Tom crossed the bridge to get to Mary's house.	CK	1
2537809	I won't be able to carry Tom across the bridge.	CK	1
1096158	It was Tom's first time to see the Golden Gate Bridge.	CK	1
1024347	Tom planted some explosives near the middle of the bridge.	CK	1
1094962	Tom decided that it wouldn't be sensible to try to cross the old rope bridge.	CK	1
2985623	Is the bridge safe?	sharptoothed
2254451	The bridge gave way.	_undertoad
1485293	Where is the bridge?	Spamster
1815714	The bridge is closed.	Spamster
806839	There were two bridges.	Source_VOA
2264440	Walk across the bridge.	sharptoothed
1762323	I like to build bridges.	Amastan
436323	I am close to the bridge.	lukaszpp
1700573	We are building a bridge.	Amastan
306382	They constructed a bridge.	CK
1096408	It wasn't much of a bridge.	CK
271235	How long is the Seto Bridge?	CK