English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Bow" in Example Sentences
Page 1

653440	I bowed politely.	kebukebu	1
2956160	Tom bowed his head.	CK	1
1095742	Tom bowed politely.	CK	1
268011	The boy bowed to me.	Shiawase	1
300641	He bowed to his teacher.	CK	1
1304558	He bowed to me as he left the room.	CK	1
2359515	I've forgotten how to tie a bow tie.	CK	1
271867	The students bowed to their teacher.	CK	1
2264755	Can you tie a bow?	_undertoad
2266091	He bowed his head.	_undertoad
276655	Nobody bowed to him.	CK
310334	She bowed in thanks.	CM
299464	He bowed to the Queen.	CK
555143	The boy gave me a bow.	FeuDRenais
317004	She bowed deeply to me.	CK
314248	She bowed to me politely.	CK
2956161	Tom bowed to his teacher.	CK
1665905	He wears a bow tie everyday.	Spamster
314247	She made a polite bow to me.	CM
267839	The girl made an awkward bow.	CK
522690	A bow is no use without arrows.	blay_paul
301678	He bowed to me as he passed by.	CK
285158	I don't want to bow down to him.	CM
37517	Every child bowed to the teacher.	CK
305533	They shake hands instead of bowing.	CK
300651	He made a polite bow to his teacher.	CK
281203	In Japan, bowing is common courtesy.	CM
71795	The boy over there is bowing to you.	CK
2956162	Tom bowed to me as he left the room.	CK
2959034	Tom bowed respectfully to the old lady.	sharptoothed
65737	The Indians fought with bows and arrows.	CK
259468	The little girl made a polite bow to me.	CK
303681	He took off his hat and made a polite bow.	CK
2958153	Tom smiled at the audience and took a bow.	CK
527183	Native Americans fought with bow and arrow.	blay_paul
1363559	If I don't have a bow, I can't play the violin.	etala
271488	The government refuses to bow to public pressure.	CM
281243	In Japan, it is proper to bow when you meet someone.	CM
326770	By the age of seven, he had already made his own bow and arrows.	CM
3118235	He tried with all his might to stretch the bow and shoot the arrow as far as possible.	AlanF_US