English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Boot" in Example Sentences
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3155600	Put your boots on.	CK	1
2647791	Where are my boots?	CK	1
1744769	I have to wear boots.	Amastan	1
3231251	Your boots are ruined.	CK	1
2334121	I hate these new boots.	CK	1
2546349	Tom took off his boots.	CK	1
1397713	Tom's boots were muddy.	CK	1
2276060	I don't have your boots.	CK	1
1005355	I want to buy ski boots.	ellasevia	1
255500	I bought a pair of boots.	CK	1
1167590	I want to buy some ski boots.	CK	1
292580	He scraped the mud off his boots.	CK	1
253956	I want to buy a pair of ski boots.	CK	1
1027297	There was some mud on Tom's boots.	CK	1
2870160	My computer doesn't boot up anymore.	CK	1
2033723	Tom wanted to buy a new pair of boots.	CK	1
3241511	My computer crashed and now it won't boot up.	CK	1
3177244	Tom often wears cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.	Hybrid	1
2042714	If you want me to wear those boots, I'll wear those boots.	CK	1
278113	Mold grew on the boots.	CK
2452102	The dog chewed up my boot.	mariquet
2206534	These boots are expensive.	Hybrid
59574	These boots belong to her.	CK
312088	She bought a pair of boots.	CK
312443	She was wearing long boots.	CM
2974699	These boots are from Australia.	CK
2956148	Tom bought a new pair of boots.	CK
3157002	Tom put on some climbing boots.	CK
50415	You can bet your boots on that.	Dejo
3360953	Please take off your muddy boots.	CK
1884686	Where did you take your boots off?	CK
34403	I would like to purchase some boots.	CK
52300	I'd like to rent skis and ski boots.	Nero
2474226	The boots are tight around the calf.	sharptoothed
3170515	You got some white stuff on your boots.	CK
3022355	These boots have seen plenty of service.	sharptoothed
807446	His boots and pants were covered with mud.	Source_VOA
2980139	I asked Tom where he had bought his boots.	CK
26944	I always wear boots when it rains or snows.	CK
270396	A group of people started off in snow boots.	CM
1742147	"Whose boots are these?" "They are Lidya's."	Amastan
307430	They booted him out of school for not studying.	CK
3223175	Tom sat down on the log and took off his boots.	CK
2956032	Tom asked me where I had bought my hiking boots.	CK
38134	Do you know where I might find small cowboy boots?	Eldad
1096455	I think you need to buy a new pair of hiking boots.	CK
2716032	Tom took off his ski boots and put on a pair of slippers.	CK