English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Board" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2262186	Is Tom on board?	CK	1
2648937	Tom is on board.	CK	1
2648862	Are you on board?	CK	1
2092561	Is anyone on board?	CK	1
2726553	He boarded the ship.	WestofEden	1
2647565	Tom boarded the bus.	CK	1
1095764	Tom boarded the ship.	CK	1
1095765	Tom boarded the plane.	CK	1
2646468	Tom boarded the train.	CK	1
44424	How thick is the board?	CK	1
463451	Is there a doctor on board?	CK	1
268412	Are all passengers on board?	sacredceltic	1
2091195	No one was on board the ship.	CK	1
1514867	Tom fell off the diving board.	CK	1
1519079	Tom went to a boarding school.	Spamster	1
24568	What time does boarding begin?	CK	1
57175	What time do you start boarding?	CK	1
1093455	Tom is on the board of directors.	CK	1
3023950	Tom boarded a bus bound for Boston.	CK	1
2539848	I went to boarding school in Boston.	CK	1
279695	May I see your boarding pass, please?	CK	1
1028166	Tom pushed Mary off the diving board.	CK	1
1884463	Tom put the list on the bulletin board.	CK	1
2050683	When was the last time you played a board game?	CK	1
1889703	Tom had the only pool in town with a diving board.	CK	1
1027008	Tom boarded the ship along with his three children.	CK	1
33397	Which are you better at, boogie-boarding or surfing?	CM	1
325059	The board of directors is going to discuss the proposal next Tuesday.	CK	1
1096062	There is a sewing machine and an ironing board in the room where Tom used to sleep.	CK	1
268420	Go on board.	CK
313023	She boards students.	CM
291100	He is on board the ship.	sacredceltic
263089	We went on board a ship.	CM
37595	What gate do I board at?	CM
289430	He boarded with his aunt.	CM
735907	Here is your boarding pass.	cruzedu73
2837924	Tom lost his boarding pass.	CK
33734	Stick a notice on the board.	CK
306879	They went on board the ship.	CM
2837922	Tom never boarded the plane.	CK
268411	How many people are on board?	CM
2491864	The pirates boarded the ship.	Hybrid
44425	Drive the nail into the board.	CK
72830	There were two women on board.	CM
2542250	Tom dove off the diving board.	CK
302473	He drove a nail into the board.	CK
2541226	Tom jumped off the diving board.	CK
906697	What's your favorite board game?	CK
1492979	Forty-eight sailors are on board.	Nero
22302	The broken window was boarded up.	CK