English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Bloody" in Example Sentences
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1177621	Tom has a bloody nose.	CK	1
1092352	Tom was sitting at the bar drinking a Bloody Mary.	CK	1
20761	Wipe my bloody face.	NekoKanjya
34205	I'd like a Bloody Mary.	CK
1588911	Tom likes Bloody Marys.	Spamster
806955	The fighting grew bloodier.	Source_VOA
807331	The bloody European conflict was over.	Source_VOA
2738874	Tom wiped the bloody knife on his shirt.	CK
804138	The battle quickly became fierce and bloody.	Source_VOA
804142	The battle was fierce and unbelievably bloody.	Source_VOA
2738876	Tom had a bloody nose and got blood on his shirt.	CK
3075179	Tom was holding a bloody knife in his hand when the police entered the room.	CK