English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Blanket" in Example Sentences
Page 1

323545	Can I get a blanket?	CK	1
323544	Do you have blankets?	CK	1
2881839	Go get Tom a blanket.	CK	1
2329343	I gave Tom a blanket.	CK	1
323548	May I have a blanket?	CK	1
324716	I need an extra blanket.	CK	1
2769828	Please give me a blanket.	CK	1
323546	I'd like one more blanket.	CK	1
1096511	Do you have enough blankets?	CK	1
2299554	I brought you another blanket.	CK	1
2263544	Tom snuggled under the blankets.	CK	1
1095899	Tom asked for a blanket and a pillow.	CK	1
1892800	Please give me a pillow and a blanket.	CK	1
2308094	I could get you a blanket if you need one.	CK	1
322496	May I have a pillow and a blanket, please?	CK	1
1867845	Tom took a blanket off the bed and wrapped it around himself.	CK	1
954085	It's likely to get cold tonight, so you may need an extra blanket.	CK	1
740935	I need more blankets.	ventana
2412761	Where is the blanket?	fjrjdk
2258176	Don't be a wet blanket.	_undertoad
436447	I am under the blanket.	lukaszpp
3328184	Can I get you a blanket?	CK
308932	I laid a blanket over her.	CK
72062	That man is a wet blanket.	CM
1572804	They have only one blanket.	fanty
1580040	It's warm under the blanket.	fanty
2267689	Put two blankets on the bed.	_undertoad
316331	She laid a blanket over him.	CK
323547	Could you bring me a blanket?	CK
2255697	These blankets are very warm.	_undertoad
1580142	Where did you take my blanket?	fanty
2464727	A thick fog blanketed the city.	sharptoothed
62433	Ken folded the blanket in half.	CK
2642405	Tom covered Mary with a blanket.	CK
317169	She wrapped herself in a blanket.	CK
277882	The city was blanketed with snow.	CM
322497	Could I have a pillow and blanket?	CK
3131536	Did you happen to bring a blanket?	CK
315428	She wrapped her baby in a blanket.	CK
2539932	Tom wrapped himself in his blanket.	CK
2957430	Tom laid the baby down on a blanket.	CK
3162027	This blanket will help keep Tom warm.	CK
2266864	How many blankets are there on the bed?	_undertoad
3157013	Tom got a blanket and put it over Mary.	CK
2538811	Tom wrapped the blanket around himself.	CK
22691	We furnished the refugees with blankets.	CK
1580145	Why did your cats hide under the blanket?	fanty
269242	New blankets were distributed to the poor.	CK
246118	The city supplied the needy with blankets.	Eldad
22288	Cover up the injured man with this blanket.	NekoKanjya