English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Biology" in Example Sentences
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300507	He is a biologist.	CK	1
1317	I never liked biology.	brauliobezerra	1
315365	She has a degree in biology.	CK	1
1437498	I have to study for a biology test.	Anon	1
2895026	He's a biologist.	AlanF_US
506870	I've always hated biology.	szivike
791251	I teach biology and French.	CK
292150	He studies biology very hard.	CK
300503	He cheated on the biology exam.	CK
680370	Biology includes many life sciences.	Source_VOA
680369	Many people study biology in school.	Source_VOA
300506	He is working in the field of biology.	CK
292356	He's a professor of biology at Harvard.	CK
455899	I'm going to study biology and Spanish.	lukaszpp
63304	We had an examination in biology yesterday.	CK
1647971	Biologists released some turtles into the sea.	Spamster
55550	I don't think this is a good approach to biology.	CM
1933295	I expected to get an A in biology, but I only got a C.	CK
242036	The number of students who specialize in biology will increase from now on.	CM
847255	Every student of biology, anatomy, anthropology, ethnology or psychology is familiar with these facts.	Source_Benedict_1921