English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Billion" in Example Sentences
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270629	The human body is composed of billions of small cells.	CM	1
73452	One billion people speak English.	CK
18320	There are billions of stars in the sky.	J_S
897401	We know of more than 100 billion galaxies.	alexmarcelo
1617925	Spain will need to borrow 100 billion euros.	Spamster
324273	The exports increased by 30 billion dollars.	CM
682265	There are billions of stars in the universe.	Source_VOA
67566	America's foreign debt shot past $500 billion.	CM
681942	Rice is a grain that feeds billions of people.	Source_VOA
568973	There are about 6 billion people in the world.	Scott
681761	The world's population recently passed 7 billion.	Source_VOA
3058193	What would you buy if you had 19 billion dollars?	Hybrid
568982	There are about seven billion people in the world.	sacredceltic
240022	A hundred billion castaways are looking for a home.	CM
2221205	The population of the world now is about 3 billion.	Hybrid
271125	There are almost seven billion people in the world.	sacredceltic
682478	There are more than six billion people in the world.	Source_VOA
897409	The universe was born more than 12 billion years ago.	alexmarcelo
2075343	In the next four years, 15 billion euros must be saved.	MrShoval
49092	The company suffered a loss of one billion yen last year.	CK
717311	The population of China has already exceeded 1.3 billion.	eastasiastudent
73254	Japan's exports exceeded imports by $77.8 billion in 1998.	CK
67256	A generous man contributed some two billion yen to charity.	Dejo
23781	The plan announced Tuesday calls for $54 billion in tax cuts.	CK
281314	Japan's exports to the entire world topped $314 billion in 1998.	CK
680900	The U.S. exports billions of dollars' worth of passenger airplanes.	Source_VOA
47037	The charity is named after a man who gave away some two billion yen.	CM
277502	Foreign direct investments in China amounted to $3 billion last year.	CM
281515	Japan guaranteed a 2 billion yen aid package to developing countries.	CK
2031698	That charity is named after a person who donated about two billion yen.	CK
2031676	That charity is named after someone who contributed about two billion yen.	CK
805702	Nearly one billion people around the globe lack access to clean, safe water.	Source_VOA
329137	He sent about 2.2 billion spam emails over a period of around one and a half years.	fcbond
280324	The company's capital expenditure program is set to be 10 billion yen for this year.	CM
281315	Japan's gold and foreign exchange reserves stood at $68.9 billion at the end of 1998, down from $77.0 billion a year earlier.	CM