English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Bike" in Example Sentences
Page 1

264478	I bike to work.	CK	1
2251091	That's my bike.	CK	1
3171366	Tom has a bike.	CK	1
2241029	We bike together.	CK	1
1312784	I have a red bike.	NekoKanjya	1
2549097	I'll ride my bike.	CK	1
55938	Is this your bike?	CK	1
2739148	Do you have a bike?	CK	1
2648116	I fell off my bike.	CK	1
58873	Can I use this bike?	CK	1
757521	Don't touch my bike.	sctld	1
253527	I must use this bike.	CK	1
2646983	Tom got off his bike.	CK	1
3153641	I ride a bike to work.	patgfisher	1
483017	I ride my bike to work.	adjusting	1
264499	May I borrow your bike?	CK	1
1215594	I ride my bike to school.	wallebot	1
1140897	Tom went for a bike ride.	CK	1
752926	I'd rather ride my bike than walk.	CK	1
314579	She got on her bike and rode away.	CK	1
3171730	Tom doesn't know how to ride a bike.	CK	1
2921315	Tom admitted that he had stolen the bike.	AlanF_US	1
54669	You're crazy to buy such an expensive bike.	CK	1
269175	If you want a new bike, you'd better start saving up.	CK	1
1548367	She has a bike.	CM
1123575	I prefer biking.	nadsat
1117735	Is it your bike?	Scott
663860	The bike's mine.	bluepie88
386699	This is my bike.	Mouseneb
297766	He found my bike.	adjusting
1444951	Her bike is blue.	CM
2667314	My bike is broken.	meerkat
1588876	Is this bike yours?	alexmarcelo
386698	Whose bike is this?	Mouseneb
1132157	This is my old bike.	Guybrush88
951325	This is my own bike.	FeuDRenais
269177	I have got a new bike.	CK
1488496	I'm out riding my bike.	weihaiping
71799	Let's rent a bike there.	CK
2644795	Tom took off on his bike.	CK
3264710	I've got a brand new bike.	CK
752449	My brother uses that bike.	sctld
250678	My brother uses this bike.	CK
58877	This bike is easy to ride.	CK
1039509	We all like to ride bikes.	GPHemsley
2507898	Where can I leave my bike?	Guybrush88
257723	I fixed the bike yesterday.	CK
2012670	I want to buy my bike back.	CK
3096865	Maybe you could get a bike.	CK
1437568	Keep your hands off my bike!	caspian