English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Beef" in Example Sentences
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19483	Beef, please.	NekoKanjya	1
73525	I want beef, too.	CK	1
59703	This beef is tender.	CK	1
1026056	Tom doesn't like beef.	CK	1
18686	Beef is expensive nowadays.	CK	1
31298	Would you like some more beef?	CK	1
30479	How about some more roast beef?	CK	1
34858	How do you like your beef stew?	CK	1
271956	Horseradish tastes good on roast beef sandwiches.	CK	1
1026255	Tom died because he had eaten some contaminated beef.	CK	1
2464697	I'll take roast beef.	sharptoothed
731338	I have no beef with him.	darinmex
256869	I prefer mutton to beef.	CK
2258166	Do you want beef or pork?	_undertoad
3199060	I had beef stew for lunch.	CK
781720	Do you have dried salted beef?	Guybrush88
681105	Do you know how to grind beef?	Source_VOA
803008	He began to raise beef cattle.	Source_VOA
269692	Kobe is famous for its good beef.	CK
22840	We must beef up our organization.	CK
59704	This beef is very nice and tender.	Zifre
67750	Africa is exporting beef to Europe.	CK
662337	Beef stew should be nice and thick.	DancingHorses
34857	I know how to make beef stroganoff.	CK
2261254	The roast beef is juicy and tender.	Hybrid
63302	Japanese beef was on sale yesterday.	CK
59705	This beef is four dollars per pound.	CK
580213	Would you like some more roast beef?	Dejo
3144550	I'd suggest you order beef instead of chicken.	CK
281732	The Japanese eat more beef than the British do.	CM
2587043	The ground beef was found to contain horse meat.	Hybrid
954647	Which would you rather eat tonight, beef or pork?	CK
1895692	You said it was beef. However, I think it's pork.	CK
59702	The butcher who sold me this beef is always friendly.	CM
23032	The President says we must beef up our military forces.	NekoKanjya
3150793	I bought chicken, even though Tom wanted me to buy beef.	CK
274339	Additional imports of American beef are planned to meet rising demand.	CM
62166	As a rule of thumb, you should plan on one pound of beef for every two guests.	CK
22414	We all pigged out at the company Christmas party, especially on the roast beef.	CK