English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Beauty" in Example Sentences
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316605	She is a beauty.	CK	1
2218009	You're a beauty.	CK	1
2245000	Beauty is subjective.	CK	1
317049	She is a real beauty.	CK	1
2245001	Beauty isn't important.	CK	1
318157	Beauty is but skin deep.	CK	1
1507611	Beauty is only skin deep.	CK	1
388449	She has an eye for beauty.	CK	1
388446	She has no sense of beauty.	CK	1
52438	Switzerland is famous for its scenic beauty.	CK	1
680343	She's a beauty.	Source_VOA
68262	She is no beauty.	CM
32507	Madonna is a beauty.	CK
318174	She's also a beauty.	CM
2464767	Mary is a real beauty.	sharptoothed
316646	She runs a beauty shop.	CK
311505	She is a regular beauty.	CK
68275	That car is a real beauty.	CM
309667	Her beauty is incomparable.	CM
2752750	I was struck by her beauty.	carlosalberto
1335944	She is aware of her beauty.	Scotland
1306663	She won the beauty contest.	Shishir
1370258	Beauty such as hers is rare.	CK
674261	Her beauty is indescribable.	yessoos
286444	His sister is a real beauty.	CK
1877216	I was dazzled by her beauty.	Spamster
314843	She was a beauty in her day.	CK
1476969	She's unaware of her beauty.	Eldad
40686	Danny has no sense of beauty.	CK
1877215	He was dazzled by her beauty.	Spamster
2179385	He was stunned by her beauty.	Hybrid
763555	Her beauty will fade in time.	darinmex
286844	His new car is a real beauty.	CK
309659	Her beauty drew his attention.	CM
2542293	Mary went to the beauty salon.	CK
321944	I was captivated by her beauty.	CK
261303	I was fascinated by her beauty.	CK
51507	Mrs. Smith was a famous beauty.	CK
309012	She is a woman of great beauty.	CK
314715	She is not aware of her beauty.	CK
316637	She's a beauty from a distance.	CK
309671	Her beauty cast a spell over him.	CK
44336	The beauty is beyond description.	CK
680344	The beauty of nature is precious.	Source_VOA
44335	Words cannot describe the beauty.	CK
309431	He was fascinated with her beauty.	CK
287368	Her beauty was beyond description.	CM
31765	Mary prided herself on her beauty.	CK
680345	There are many examples of beauty.	Source_VOA
606865	Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.	baisong