English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Battle" in Example Sentences
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1877	We won the battle.	Swift	1
2647966	Tom died in battle.	CK	1
2300702	I can fight my own battles.	CK	1
291097	He was wounded in the battle.	CK	1
62157	This is the place where the battle took place.	CK	1
307022	They died in battle.	CK
307021	They lost the battle.	CK
300683	He was slain in battle.	CM
918927	We will win the battle.	Shiawase
3158685	It was a furious battle.	CK
23024	We fought a hard battle.	CK
804126	I heard the sound of battle.	Source_VOA
306423	They fought a fierce battle.	CM
282461	He fought a last-ditch battle.	xtofu80
2533097	I can fight my battles myself.	marcelostockle
2985395	Tom got wounded in the battle.	sharptoothed
276908	Men and women went into battle.	CM
2650087	We're fighting a losing battle.	Hybrid
61898	A fierce battle was fought here.	Zifre
804127	It was not one battle, but many.	Source_VOA
1963172	The ship wasn't ready for battle.	CK
802339	They had been defeated in battle.	Source_VOA
320109	The soldiers are ready for battle.	CK
804128	The Battle of Fort Sumter was over.	Source_VOA
2464775	The battle was fought by the river.	sharptoothed
804129	The North won the Battle of Shiloh.	Source_VOA
804130	The Battle of North Africa was over.	Source_VOA
3324388	Tom is losing his battle with cancer.	Hybrid
1963128	Our ship wasn't damaged in the battle.	CK
266784	Making a good start is half the battle.	CM
305279	The battle ended before they got there.	CK
2821127	You must prepare yourselves for battle.	CK
3022206	We seized the town after a short battle.	sharptoothed
804131	Another fierce battle was ready to begin.	Source_VOA
45725	Many soldiers were wounded in the battle.	CK
307211	They fought a fair battle with the enemy.	CM
803272	He had time to prepare his men for battle.	Source_VOA
274934	Many men were badly wounded in the battle.	CM
804132	That half of the battle would not be easy.	Source_VOA
238495	A fierce battle was fought by the soldiers.	CM
804133	The Battle for Monterrey lasted three days.	Source_VOA
804134	The Battle of Gettysburg lasted three days.	Source_VOA
804135	The battle quickly became a blind struggle.	Source_VOA
58111	This battle left Napoleon master of Europe.	CM
804136	A fierce battle took place at Monte Cassino.	Source_VOA
804137	Eighteen minutes later, the battle was over.	Source_VOA
291095	He is said to have taken part in the battle.	CM
804111	Sometimes the Allies could not avoid battle.	Source_VOA
804138	The battle quickly became fierce and bloody.	Source_VOA
804139	The battle was an important defeat for Japan.	Source_VOA