English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Bathe" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2361182	I don't have a bathing suit.	CK	1
1526474	I bathe every day.	Nero
523958	I bathe once a day.	wma
495424	She is bathing the baby.	adjusting
272340	Bathe the baby, won't you?	darinmex
2259082	Please bathe the children.	_undertoad
3264715	Is that a new bathing suit?	CK
687568	Where can I buy a bathing suit?	lukaszpp
44237	The room was bathed in sunshine.	CM
1442116	She was wearing a red bathing suit.	CK
258810	I'm pleased with my new bathing suit.	CM
1655373	He spied on her while she was bathing.	Spamster
315405	She was dressed in a red bathing suit.	CM
1655376	They spied on him while he was bathing.	Spamster
309480	Her bathing suit attracts our attention.	Zifre
276842	Some boys don't like to bathe regularly.	CM
2459513	What time do you usually bathe the baby?	sharptoothed
311117	At that time, she was bathing in the sun.	CM
267546	The little cabin was bathed in moonlight.	CM
3114123	Go inside and change into your bathing suit.	CK
320901	The mother elephant bathes her baby in the river.	CM
3170560	Tom was wearing a red and white striped bathing suit.	CK
270905	It's a good idea to bring something to slip on over your bathing suit.	CK
66435	Some Italian fashion designers are saying that white bathing suits will catch on this year.	CM
1103171	Did you know that in Japan, if you have a tattoo, you won't be allowed to bathe in many of the hot spring resorts?	CK