English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Basketball" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2243286	They play basketball.	CK	1
2237164	Tom likes basketball.	CK	1
1766752	Do you like basketball?	CK	1
1265336	Playing basketball is fun.	CK	1
35409	Basketball is a lot of fun.	CK	1
2389870	I play basketball with Tom.	CK	1
69204	Do you play basketball well?	CK	1
2007428	Let's talk about basketball.	CK	1
2543301	We play basketball together.	CK	1
248740	We played basketball yesterday.	CK	1
249034	We played basketball in the gym.	CK	1
2642021	We're off to basketball practice.	CK	1
2050643	I like basketball, but I can't play.	CK	1
1300818	I am a member of the basketball team.	CK	1
35408	It is interesting to play basketball.	CK	1
2314898	I didn't even know you liked basketball.	CK	1
255394	I like volleyball as well as basketball.	CK	1
1095597	Tom can't dribble a basketball very well.	CK	1
1395852	Tom organized a neighborhood basketball team.	CK	1
2401237	Tom's gym teacher is Mary's basketball coach.	CK	1
35411	In basketball, tall players have an advantage.	jakov	1
1395855	Tom put together a neighborhood basketball team.	CK	1
2031088	Two years ago, I couldn't play basketball at all.	CK	1
2050691	Tom and his friends played basketball last weekend.	CK	1
1946939	Tom thinks that volleyball is more fun than basketball.	CK	1
2031084	Two years ago, I wasn't able to play basketball at all.	CK	1
2042855	What makes you so sure Tom doesn't want to play basketball with us?	CK	1
311965	She played basketball.	CK
292391	He is good at basketball.	CK
903280	I like playing basketball.	Guybrush88
321679	I like to play basketball.	CK
2644403	Tom is a basketball player	CK
247729	We are basketball players.	CK
255395	I love watching basketball.	CK
310663	She used to play basketball.	CK
3223234	Tom made the basketball team.	Hybrid
2611975	I played basketball last year.	Guybrush88
32934	Mike likes to play basketball.	CK
2951352	We played basketball in the gym.	AlanF_US
255623	I know that Mike likes basketball.	CK
321008	Let's play basketball after school.	CK
302417	He is short, but good at basketball.	CK
255113	I watched the basketball game on TV.	CK
54027	Sam made the school basketball team.	CK
1750245	How long does a basketball game last?	erikspen
3101621	Tom is a very good basketball player.	CK
682125	Most basketball players are very tall.	Source_VOA
270873	I like swimming and playing basketball.	CK
311967	She is a member of the basketball club.	CM
311644	She likes tennis as well as basketball.	CK