English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Basement" in Example Sentences
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2647132	It's in the basement.	CK	1
3316615	This basement is huge.	CK	1
2546416	Tom is in the basement.	CK	1
2546101	I'll be in the basement.	CK	1
2892153	There's someone in the basement.	CK	1
3170717	It's pitch black in the basement.	CK	1
2400154	Tom doesn't live in the basement.	CK	1
2892707	What's Tom doing in the basement?	CK	1
1877529	Tom ran down the stairs into the basement.	CK	1
1094580	Tom discovered two dead bodies in his basement.	CK	1
1096082	The only place Tom hadn't looked was in the basement.	CK	1
3316608	Tom, I'm in the basement.	CK
3328539	Can we hide in your basement?	CK
3316621	The basement door was broken.	CK
3170683	The basement was pitch black.	CK
3316630	Does your house have a basement?	CK
3316624	Let's stay here in the basement.	CK
3330664	I don't need to see the basement.	CK
3316623	Look what I found in our basement.	CK
2641823	Tom walked down into the basement.	CK
3316605	We have a freezer in the basement.	CK
3316612	Tom has a workshop in his basement.	CK
2954147	What made you go into the basement?	CK
3238939	It's probably safer in the basement.	CK
273363	The laundry room is in the basement.	CK
3316603	We only use our basement for storage.	CK
3311867	Tom has a wine cellar in his basement.	Hybrid
3325799	Was this basement thoroughly searched?	CK
3316616	There's a pool table in Tom's basement.	CK
3316613	Tom followed Mary down to the basement.	CK
3316611	Tom hid in our basement for three days.	CK
871327	The old harp was stored in the basement.	alexmarcelo
952352	The typewriter is stored in the basement.	alexmarcelo
3316625	It's too damp in our basement for a piano.	CK
3316601	We took the elevator down to the basement.	CK
3316617	There are some cracks in the basement wall.	CK
3316629	How did you end up living in Tom's basement?	CK
3316599	We've just finished remodeling our basement.	CK
19195	The burglar locked the couple in the basement.	CK
3316610	Tom used to lock himself in the basement for hours.	CK
1543587	What you're looking for is in a box in the basement.	CK
3316620	Everybody is in the basement watching the game on TV.	CK
3316627	I know I left it somewhere down here in the basement.	CK
3166732	I left my toolbox in the basement next to the furnace.	Tabasco1999
24165	The basements of the houses are likely to have problems.	NekoKanjya
2023294	When he came to, he was tied to a chair in the basement.	charlotte13
3316600	We're going to watch the game together in Tom's basement.	CK
3316604	We keep things like that in a locked room in the basement.	CK
3316631	Do me a favor and take these suitcases down to the basement.	CK
3316602	We soundproofed our basement and use it as a recording studio.	CK