English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Bandage" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1029599	Tom bandaged Mary's arm.	CK	1
1164305	Tom put a bandage on Mary's arm.	CK	1
2047703	Tom carefully removed the bandage.	CK	1
1578305	Remove the bandage.	corvard
2259056	Loosen the bandage a little.	_undertoad
3313150	We need to change your bandage.	CK
2956830	Tom had his leg bandaged by Mary.	CK
261637	I saw a dog with one paw bandaged.	CK
320648	Mother put a bandage on Jim's cut.	CM
2956818	Tom had a bandage on his forehead.	CK
314997	She applied a bandage to the wound.	CK
2957556	Tom noticed Mary's bandaged wrists.	CK
316967	She cut up the cloth to make bandages.	CK
2457384	You'd better bandage the wound at once.	sharptoothed
2957944	Tom removed the bandages from Mary's leg.	CK
27952	The doctor bandaged the boy's injured leg.	CK
309927	She bandaged his finger with a handkerchief.	CK
320956	He cleansed the wound before putting on a bandage.	CK