English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Banana" in Example Sentences
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2548978	Tom loved bananas.	CK	1
559000	Bananas are yellow.	djinni74	1
60649	Are these bananas ripe?	CK	1
60650	These bananas went bad.	CK	1
1847674	All Tom ate was bananas.	CK	1
2401199	Tom slipped on a banana peel.	CK	1
2027940	I want to buy a dozen bananas.	Sbgodin	1
898531	I have never fed my dog a banana.	CK	1
1024153	Tom sliced the banana with a knife.	CK	1
29630	Which do you prefer, apples or bananas?	CK	1
469175	Which do you like better, apples or bananas?	CK	1
1830400	Tom ate the banana without washing his hands.	CK	1
30146	The bananas you brought to me last night were all bad.	CK	1
1898395	Everyone in the room burst out laughing when they saw Tom slip on the banana peel.	CK	1
1738786	I'm eating a banana.	Djef_Messaoudi
671764	I am eating a banana.	aikidave
568412	This banana went bad.	CK
2514133	All I ate was bananas.	gleki
3086008	Are there any bananas?	learnaspossible
1098563	Bananas are delicious.	cntrational
2272925	Tom is always bananas.	CK
1254113	Cats don't eat bananas.	Tlustulimu
1152229	Peel two of the bananas.	belgavox
1900164	He threw the banana away.	Amastan
3023838	Tom handed Mary a banana.	CK
2667372	These bananas are not ripe.	meerkat
1098570	This is me eating a banana.	cntrational
561850	He slipped on a banana peel.	Bilberry
772850	Those bananas are delicious.	marloncori
2673850	My mother is on a banana diet.	WestofEden
3171222	Tom peeled the banana for Mary.	CK
255927	I like bananas more than apples.	CK
1572803	Why did you buy only one banana?	fanty
1834	Have you ever eaten a banana pie?	CK
879860	I do not want any bananas at all.	alexmarcelo
3154726	Tom peeled the banana and ate it.	CK
2540007	Tom bought three pounds of bananas.	CK
1725179	Have you ever slipped on a banana peel?	Amastan
2154638	Is his aunt eating an apple or a banana?	Dreamk33
271983	A green banana is not ripe enough to eat.	BraveSentry
906740	What's your favorite dessert with bananas?	CK
254197	I found the banana on a steep mountain road.	CM
63764	Half of the bananas in the basket were rotten.	CM
954848	You're the only person I know that doesn't like bananas.	CK
3150629	They were all out of apples, so I bought some bananas instead.	CK
1707239	You can easily judge the ripeness of a banana by the color of its peel.	AnneWy