English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Background" in Example Sentences
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2007422	Let's check Tom's background.	CK	1
49018	There is a castle in the background of the picture.	CK	1
2313698	I checked on Tom's background and he seems to be a well-respected man.	CK	1
68096	He is always in the background.	CK
292505	He has a background in business.	CK
2268459	The portrait had a dark background.	_undertoad
272351	Red shows up well against a white background.	CM
2053809	What's that noise I can hear in the background?	charlotte13
316047	She is shy and always remains in the background.	CM
265303	Who is that man in the background of the picture?	CK
310441	She always prides herself on her academic background.	CK
291881	He explained the political background of the war on TV.	CM
22214	Let's get a picture of us with the sea in the background.	CK
1027329	The background check on Tom turned up suspiciously little.	CK
1025582	Tom had his picture taken with Mt. Fuji in the background.	CK
19527	Pay will be based on experience and educational background.	NekoKanjya
1168523	The CIA runs a thorough background check on all new employees.	darinmex
903710	There is an urgent need for teachers with science backgrounds.	CK
49314	It is very important to consider the cultural background of the family.	CM
3271706	Tom was from a humble background, but he became one of the richest men in the country.	patgfisher
953968	In many countries, whenever a group of people from various language backgrounds get together, English is usually the language that is spoken.	CK
953936	If someone who doesn't know your background says that you sound like a native speaker, it means they probably noticed something about your speaking that made them realize you weren't a native speaker. In other words, you don't really sound like a native speaker.	CK