English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Axe" in Example Sentences
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1093913	Tom got the ax.	CK	1
2400058	The firemen broke down the door with an ax.	CK	1
1901703	He has an ax to grind.	Spamster
289427	He cut down the tree with an ax.	CK
310458	She always has some axe to grind.	CK
1435603	Until now I've never used an axe.	mattpbooth
291126	He cut down the big tree with an ax.	CK
689777	The door had been axed by the firefighters.	ulyssemc1
1786185	I'm trying to become an expert in using axes.	gleki
64947	The Canadian chopped down the tree with an ax.	CM
547178	The tree was felled with one hard blow of his ax.	darinmex
265376	The boss gave Mike the ax for not coming to work on time.	CM
38395	I get the feeling you still have an axe to grind. If you've got something to say come on out and say it.	CM