English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Award" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1677820	Tom never got an award.	Spamster	1
21535	The school awarded Mary a prize.	CK	1
1095515	Tom certainly deserves to receive the award.	CK	1
1026243	Tom died three days before he was to receive the award.	CK	1
1276326	I won an award as well.	Guybrush88
284885	He was awarded a special prize.	CK
680318	They got an award for good grades.	Source_VOA
370972	Eleven students received the award.	saeb
680317	Awards can help you get into college.	Source_VOA
58434	I am honored to be awarded this prize.	CM
34583	Bill was singled out for a special award.	Swift
2360818	I heard you received an award last month.	CK
269288	His new movie earned him an Academy Award.	CM
46321	The boy was awarded a prize for good conduct.	CM
23759	They awarded her first prize at the flower show.	NekoKanjya
54810	Prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest.	CM
858729	They awarded her a gold metal for her achievement.	piksea
680316	Tom got an award for the highest sales at his company.	Source_VOA
2980071	It's a shame Tom isn't here to see Mary receive the award.	CK
2251985	We award punitive damages in the amount of two million dollars.	MrShoval