English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Available" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111756	I'm available.	CK	1
2202595	We're available.	CK	1
1886885	Is Tom available?	CK	1
1542366	Tom is available.	Spamster	1
2239736	Tom was available.	CK	1
18175	Are seats available?	CK	1
2236935	Tom isn't available.	CK	1
2240613	We're not available.	CK	1
2253688	They're still available.	CK	1
1211456	Are you available tonight?	alec	1
2262246	Maybe Tom wasn't available.	CK	1
267183	Is there any help available?	CK	1
2543052	I'm afraid I'm not available.	CK	1
2361474	I don't think Tom is available.	CK	1
2376160	I know there's a room available.	CK	1
2361248	I don't know if Tom is available.	CK	1
2007308	Let's hope Tom is still available.	CK	1
1024709	Tom isn't available at the moment.	CK	1
56870	This book is not available in Japan.	CK	1
1304636	This offer is available for five days.	CK	1
25341	Fossil fuels won't be available forever.	CK	1
58362	Is this new model available on the market?	CM	1
54836	Are tickets for the concert available here?	CK	1
1356749	Are you available?	sacredceltic
1911946	I'm not available.	Spamster
1911948	He's not available.	Spamster
296578	He is not available.	CK
52785	Is John available now?	Swift
680306	Is that seat available?	Source_VOA
1492938	Is this seat available?	weihaiping
290350	He used all available means.	CM
242083	I'm not available right now.	CK
1600523	Are any seats still available?	jathonjet
242871	The car is not available today.	CK
241827	The mayor is not available now.	CK
54298	A map is available upon request.	CK
29560	Is room service still available?	CK
20930	Is there a tour guide available?	CK
272928	The doctor is not available now.	CK
56048	He is not available at the moment.	CK
2451981	Every available car was being used.	sharptoothed
37575	What payment options are available?	CK
18353	The only room available is a double.	CM
57199	Is gas available in this neighborhood?	CK
243299	Is there a room available for tonight?	CK
1875939	I'm sorry, but it's no longer available.	Spamster
310181	She'll be available around four o'clock.	CK
57023	This book is available at one shop only.	CK
1691397	I'm available in case you need something.	aka_aj
1214376	That book is available in only one store.	jared1981